Awesome Video Game Console Storage and Organization Tips

Mar 31, 2023 / Liset Marquez

Rick Girton has developed some awesome video game console storage and organization tips that will help everyone from a collector to a novice player.

Over the years the gamer he has amassed 3,200 items—from retro arcade-style games to modern consoles—that he stores in a spare bedroom at home. As an added bonus, not only is his gaming gear easy to use, his space looks as good as a Rockstar epic.

If you are overpowered by clutter in your own gaming space, read these handy tips to learn to how blast the disorganization opponent and reach the next level in storage solutions. And with nearly 227 million Americans playing video games, many of us could learn how to store games and get to the next level with our collections.

How Do You Preserve Video Game Consoles?

image of four video game console dust covers to help protect game systems

Playing video games on consoles isn’t just for nerds playing Super Mario Brothers on their Nintendo in the 1980s. Today, 52% of adults play games on a console, with many saying they like to play to relieve stress and socialize, according to the Entertainment Software Association.

Learning how to preserve game consoles is key to the longevity of these systems.

Place dustcovers on game consoles when they’re not in use and won’t be used for a while, says Girton. This serves as an added protection from elements.

video game console cords stored in labeled storage bins

Store unused cords in labeled plastic containers which can easily be scored at a discount store.

“I have too much to have it all hooked up at once,”; said Girton who documents his collection on his Instagram account, Ashe Event . “I’m an organizational nut, so I have these plastic bins I got at the Dollar Store and store the cords for a console inside one.”;

Tuck those bins in a storage cabinet with doors for secret level status.

One day Girton said he was shopping at Lowe’s when he came across an aluminum pegboard and immediately knew it would work for storing his light guns and controllers. This was an upgrade from stacking controllers and light guns on top of each other.

This also allowed him to display his collection and unlock available vertical storage.

video game console controllers and lights hung up on pegboards

When you are eager to preserve game consoles in long-term storage, make sure you first place your game console in a cardboard box or dustbin cover. Then place it in a storage bin with snap lid, advises Dewayne O’Neal, owner of 3-Bits Games, a retro game shop in Southern California.

“With game consoles, you want to keep them out of the heat to prevent them from oxidizing,”; he said.

As for retro games cartridges, O’Neal suggests buying durable plastic containers online to keep those safe. The packaging for modern video games are perfectly fine for storage, but he also advises keeping them in the storage bins if they won’t be used regularly.

“Those bins can do it all,”; he said.

What is the Best Video Game Console Storage Cabinet?

ikea kallax hack to use glass pane for video game console storage cabinet. cabinet back lit in blue with more than two dozen video game consoles

Many gamers choose Ikea for storage, for the win.

For Girton, the ideal best video game console storage cabinet is the one he created using the IKEA KALLAX storage system.

To make it work for his large collection, he uses a glass shelf for each storage cube to be able to display two game consoles in one. For example, an 8-cube KALLAX system can hold 16 consoles. His current home unit holds more than 60 game and handheld consoles from Nintendo Switch to Xbox.

He recommends other gamers think about their own end game when buying storage cabinets for their consoles. If your collection is still in beta, Girton recommends finding bookcases or TV entertainment stands at a thrift store or yard sale.

“So you’re not spending money on expensive storage furniture and getting rid of it later because you changed your mind on the color,”; he said.

Girton also got creative and repurposed shoe display shelves to hold the array of joysticks and some additional game consoles he owns as shown in the image below.

storage hack to use shoe display shelf as a display for joysticks and video game consoles

Girton placed the stackable shoe shelves between two bookcases for sturdiness mode.

“It’s a nice display for joysticks because most people don’t know how to display those and end up throwing up on top of bookcases,”; he said.

When it comes to game cartridges, the IKEA BILLY bookcase has been the juggernaut of game storage solutions. Some gamers find the bookcase might be too deep, but Girton likes to use the extra space to display collectible figurines or controllers.

“I like the BILLY shelves because they’re adjustable all the way up,”; he said, which allows for optimal storage for games of varying heights.

Girton didn’t just buy the bookcases at one time. He kept adding bookcases as his gaming collection grew.

ikea billy bookcase is used for video game storage

With the interest in gaming growing, Ikea has even partnered with Republic of Gamers to launch a furniture line geared for PC gamers that features everything from sleek black pegboards to high-end gamer chairs. The new gaming setup will target PC gamers and include these product lines adapted to gamers needs: UPPSPEL , LÅNESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, UTESPELARE, HUVUDSPELARE.

How Do I Organize My Video Game Collection?

ikea billy bookcase used to store video games and controllers

Every gamer has their own preference for organizing their collection, and Girton is no exception. He organizes each game by console and even categorizes the boxes based on console generation, separating xBox 360 and xBox One games, for example. He alphabetizes games in each console category.

“This way I know where each one is,”; he said.

If you haven’t already realized, Girton is next level with his game organization and even uses two online databases to keep track of everything he owns.

Now that you’re in the zone, read on to learn these great tips for how to store comic books. Or read how unique collections are stored and organized.

If you’re at the point of no return about furniture for storage, read how to how to use Ikea organizers for timeless storage solutions.

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