Simple Fall Decor Storage Ideas

Mar 31, 2023 / Liset Marquez

If excess Halloween decorations have become more frightful than the ghosts and ghouls of the season, then it’s time to consider some simple fall décor storage ideas before the indulgences of the season take over your home.

After all, retailers are reporting an increase in sales of holiday décor, and for some that can be a problem.

“People felt they could express themselves more with their decorating,”; said Organizer Tina Staffon. “Next thing they know they have a yard full of stuff and now they have to put it somewhere.”;

If you recently added some spooky inflatables or more gourds, for any reason, read on for these simple fall décor storage ideas.

How Do You Store Fall Decorations?

halloween pumpkin pails in storage bins

In 2020, a majority of consumers focused on decorating their homes for Halloween as a way to observe the holiday by celebrating in place, despite the pandemic. This year, spending on Halloween–including décor, costumes and candy—was expected to reach an all-time high of $10.14 billion.

Staffon and her husband Greg, owners of Home Organizers Plus, help clients find space in their home for their holiday decorations and more on a daily basis. Staffon said an attic, outdoor storage shed or garage are often the best places to store fall décor.

“;We’ve done a three-car garage that was totally filled with Halloween and Christmas,”; she said. “We put rack after rack in the garage and that’s where it got stored.”;

When it comes to storing items, a plastic container or storage bin is crucial for preserving your decorations. Keeping items in the original cardboard box might sound like a good idea but ultimately Staffon said that just invites dust and rodents.

Stick to standard plastic storage bins to hold your holiday decorations. Not only are they idea size for shelving but can easily be stackable.

“The problem with the bigger bins is people over fill them and then they can’t move them. They’re too heavy,”; she said.

Organizer Elizabeth Regalado likes to recommend clear storage bins with color lids to her clients.

“I find those are really helpful, it helps you visualize what they have,”; said Regalado, owner of Elizabeth Loves to Organize.

Regalado likes to use color storage bins inspired by the season. For example, for fall she uses black and orange bins and for Christmas she’ll go with red and green storage bins.

How Do You Organize Fall Decorations?

using halloween napkins to store glass halloween decor

As Regalado is storing fall décor in bins, she’ll make a detailed list and take a picture of what is on the inside. The list and images are placed in a sleeve on the outside of the bin.

“So you don’t have to dig through it to know what’s in inside,”; Regalado shared. “You can instantly visualize with the photo.”;

A quick and easy option for labeling the bins is taking piece of blank paper and a black marker and writing down the items. Using some packaging tape to adhere to the bin.

“I recommend labeling because it helps to maintain those systems so everyone knows where to put something, because they can see so clearly that’s where it goes,”; she said.

When sorting items into bins, Regalado advises you store them by use in your home.

“If you know you always use these decorations on the porch and these ones inside of the home, then put those in separate containers and label it that way,”; she said.

This saves you the scare of having to sort through items the next year!

She also recommends you go through your items before putting them away and donate items you no longer use, or toss out broken decorations.

As for items like a wreath, Regalado suggests you use a of wreath storage container.

“They’re plastic and would protect them from dust or rodents,”; she said.

Another option: reuse a dry cleaning hanger to prop up the wreath and cover with the plastic bag.

If the wreath has a scent, then either storage option would help it retain its scent, she said.

Pro-tip: if you’re storing any glass items, then use your fall seasonal towels or napkins to help wrap it up before storing.

How Do You Store Big Halloween Decorations?

Now that it’s time to put away your fall inflatable decorations, whether it’s inflatable ghost or turkey that needs to be tucked away, Regalado suggests you start by folding it gently and neatly to avoid any creases.

“They go inside a tote and they fold up fairly compact once flattened,”; she said, adding a standard size storage bin could hold up two or three inflatable decorations.

What if you bought one of those huge skeletons? Consider focusing on options that are longer and narrow such as a camping storage bin or storage container that is larger than a standard size or a tote that’s designed to hold an artificial Christmas tree.

“Those skeletons break down to the limbs, usually something like I would recommend for storing it,”; she said.

The goal is to keep it from outside elements. “It can get damaged from being bumped into other things.”;

Staying organized, including storing well, can make any season better, especially when there are excess items involved.

For more seasonal storage tips, read on and learn the best tips for artificial Christmas tree storage so you can enjoy it for years to come. With your tree all packed up, read on to protect your heirlooms with these vintage Christmas ornament storage tips.

These expert tips can help you get more organized this upcoming Christmas.

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