3 Seasonal Inspirations for Your Video Background

Mar 31, 2023 / Liset Marquez

Creating the perfect home office background for video calls has been an ongoing adventure and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I have always loved decorating the space around me: for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and even sporting events. I’m that co-worker that goes over the top and decorates everyone’s cubicle walls for Christmas.

So when we began working remotely last year, of course I wanted to create a home office background that brought me and others some joy for daily Zoom calls.

Spring Decorating Ideas

spring decor for metal wall grid organizer with lights on

After going through a good Marie Kondo organizing session last year, I decided to rearrange my desk, but my new setup left me with a blank wall backdrop during calls.

To liven up the background, I found this metal grid wall organizer that came with a few removable shelves. The middle shelf, as you can see, can hold books, magazines, or notepads.

After putting it up last fall, I got the idea to give the space a little seasonal look. Since space isn’t that big, 37 inches wide by 17 inches tall, I knew just a couple of items can fill up the grid.

My spring background inspiration came from some items I already owned.

I like to keep vases with faux flowers to add a pop of color any time of the year. One of the vases is a drink bottle I thought was too cute to throw away and added faux stems instead.

Next, I added a peach-colored mini desk globe and a vintage camera that I owned, and placed them on the opposite end of the flowers. I love to mix in vintage or older pieces with newer decorations because it can help you save money, and the look is more personal and fun.

My new spring additions were a pom-pom garland and spring sign which I placed at the top center. I also added several decorative eggs that I found in the $1 section of Target and another set at the Dollar Tree. And voila, the look was complete!

Channeling Fall Colors for Decor

fall leaves garland wrapped around the top of metal wall grid and shelves decorated with glittery pumpkins

My inspiration was to use fall colors so the decoration could work for both Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays.

I achieved that by using this fall leaves garland, which I draped over the top half of the wall organizer, to help set the tone. These glittery and sparkly pumpkins were the finishing touch. Oh, and the witch’s hat was actually for my cat, but she refused to wear it.

Once Halloween passed, I turned the jack-o-lantern pumpkin around, removed the hat, and instantly had a design that worked into Thanksgiving.

Vintage Village Christmas Décor

Vintage wooden christmas village surrounded by colorful bottle brush trees.

By the time Christmas came around, I had realized I could do more with the wall organizer. I wrapped the wall organizer with mini LED lights to get into the Christmas spirit. Next time, note to self: bring down the organizer from the wall to wrap around the lights, definitely easier on the arms.

For my decorations, I knew I could use the wooden vintage village I created a couple of years ago to decorate my desk for an office competition (which I won).

As you can tell, I needed more removable shelves to hold up all my wooden houses and bottle brush trees. Some of these shelves came with the wall organizer, but I found additional pieces online. The shelves’ designs differ slightly because they are from different manufacturers, but it worked out pretty well.

closeup of pink vintage wooden christmas village with bottle brush trees

I took all my decorations out of boxes and started to play around with the setup. Studio DIY inspired this Vintage Christmas village. I couldn’t fit all the houses on the grid, but I found space for more than 25 bottle brush trees.

Once Christmas wrapped up, I decided the lights would stay up year-round.

What have you done to create a unique home office background? I’d love to hear about your backdrops.

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