Public Storage Units are Warehouses for Top Companies

Apr 18, 2014 / Ann Griffith

Self storage units aren’t just for college students and families. Some of the country’s most successful companies, large and small, rent Public Storage as an efficient way to warehouse products and raw materials that are at the core of their business.

Lee Filters, a division of Panavision, has a space across from its office in Burbank California, where it stores an inventory of colored lighting used to quickly fill demand from dealers around the country. Their products add drama to famous buildings such as the Sydney Opera House, above, illuminate famous events, such as the Olympics, and provide mood lighting at hot spots around the country.

white bar illuminated with blue accent lighting

“The lights take a lot of space,”; said Robin Egusquiza, an office administrator who rented the company’s Public Storage unit to store tube lighting, kept neatly boxed and shelved in a 9-foot by 26-foot space. “We needed to carry a large amount of inventory because the tubes were getting more popular.”;

Another company that does marketing consulting out of Southern California is also a big fan of storage units for improving efficiency. It designs and sets up in-store displays for some of the most recognizable brands in the country. You could feed your family snacks and meals quite nicely serving just their customers’ products.

Its reps set up product displays in major supermarket chains. But the in-store features aren’t up during the entire duration of a promotion window. They need to be moved from store to store, and teams of sales reps around the country need space to store the displays in the interim. So the company rents 600 Public Storage units around the country, many of them 10 feet by 10 feet. All of the reps can use that space and independently grab what they need.

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by Ann Griffith

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