Public Storage Property Managers Make Us Smile When Times Are Tough

Mar 31, 2023 / Liset Marquez

At Public Storage our property managers care immensely about the communities they serve, and they help customers through life’s toughest trials.

Every day they field questions, ensure your move-in goes smoothly, and, most of all, build a personal bond. Our property managers encounter new situations daily, but they continue to rise to the occasion and help make the toughest times easier for customers, whether a major move, a natural disaster, or this latest world challenge: COVID-19.

Public Storage Property Managers Make Tough Times Easier

Public Storage property manager Monica wears a mask

For example, Property Manager Monica Jones noticed a new customer crying while she processed her lease forms. She shared a tissue and lent a sympathetic ear. Jones learned her customer had recently been displaced from her Houston apartment and needed to store her belongings with us while she figured out her next move.

Jones was able to find her customer the most economical unit on-site to fit her needs. She even found a lock a previous customer had left, instructing Jones, “take this lock and bless someone in need!”;

“This made my customer so happy, and I was glad that I was able to brighten her day,”; said Jones. “Usually, our customers need someone to speak to, to be that beacon of light and ease their mind.”;

Property Managers Love to Listen

Public Storage property manager Ricardo

In Southern California, Property Manager Ricardo Orozco knows our customers rely on us during major changes in their lives.

“I always put myself in every situation, and I try to be as compassionate as possible,”; he said.

He strives to release any stress or anxiety of his customers by bringing some comedic relief. Orozco said he loves bringing a smile to the faces of customers – longtime and new – as well as his team members.

“I know times are tough, but I always try to make people smile, I try to keep it light and fun,”; he said. “I know people are in distress, but I can make that moment a little easier for them.”;

While helping customers, Orozco always makes sure to ask them one question: How are you doing?

“A lot of times, they just need someone to listen to them. We let them know we understand and are here to make their life a little easier,”; he said. “To me, it’s very rewarding.”;

Property Managers Show Up During National Disasters

Customers knock on our orange doors after major disasters. Of course during the days of COVID-19 customers often visit for the first time when they are looking to store items because they are downsizing due to changes in income, or they need to make space in their home for a family member that is moving in.

When Quanica Jackson, a property manager in the greater Houston area, learned that students at nearby Prairie View A&M University were ending their school year early due to COVID-19, she went into high alert to help.

“I knew we needed to prepare our staff and do everything we could to make sure they were taken care of,”; she said. “And I knew we needed to make sure we spaced them out to follow new social distancing guidelines.”;

She started by measuring out the doors to ensure everyone was at least six feet away and mapped out all the spaces that could be rented at one time and were 6 feet apart.

Jackson acknowledged that anxiety levels were up, and students were stressed.

With the help of her district manager and regional manager, Jackson reached out and had students complete the express check-in online. This minimized their time inside the office. Appointments were also made in advance, so only one customer would be in the lobby at a time.

“I didn’t want them to stress out about this. The last thing they needed was to worry about where they were going to put their stuff,”; she said. “I wanted the whole transition to go as smoothly as possible for them.”;

Public Storage Adjusts Policies for COVID-19 Safety

At our Public Storage properties, we’re working to keep employees and customers happy, and safe, and we’re constantly adjusting our practices to match the best expert advice from the Centers for Disease Control and local governments.

Like her peers around the country, Detroit area Property Manager Tabitha Otto is taking extra precautions to ensure our customers and team members alike are safe and follow social distancing guidelines. That not only includes maintaining a six-foot distance but also allowing one customer in the office at a time. We no longer offer golf cart rides to units.

Otto said she cleans the office and retail store at least 20 times a day, on top of after every customer that visits.

“I’m a clean freak,”; she said. The cleaning is “to ensure the safety of myself and to make sure we’re keeping our customers safe.”;

Customers are more than pleased to abide by our new protocols, she said.

“When I talk to our customers, I highly recommend they go online and fill out the express check-in,”; Otto said. “It does save you 15 minutes of being in the office.”;

According to Otto, this option has been a big hit with our customers.

Otto, pictured at the top of the article, also reminds customers there are contactless options for making payments, such as going online or by phone. She is also available to walk customers through the process by phone if needed.

“I tell our customers if you don’t have to come into the office, then I would avoid it,”; she said, sporting a floral mask made for team members in Detroit by an 80-year-old grandmother.

We’re so thankful for our team and proud of their latest work taking precautions in light of COVID-19 to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers. If we can help you, please visit us at! We’d love to help you.

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