Public Storage Moving Supplies Comfort Homeless Animals

Mar 31, 2023 / Liset Marquez

What started out as a day of inventory for Public Storage team members in Northern California quickly turned into a day of grateful kisses from a pit bull named Ember.

It all began when Marie, a long time property manager in Vallejo, was going through inventory and realized the packaging on eight quilts were torn and outdated.

“We’re cleaning it out and Marie wanted to make sure we donated it,”; said Rebecca, a relief manager who was helping Marie. “This is the type of person she is.”;

Marie made a call to the Humane Society of the North Bay, who told her they were in need of blankets for dogs in the outdoor kennels.

“I donate to the humane society on a regular basis, and I have a rescue dog, Milo, so I thought: 'why not give something to their friends,'”; she shared.

public storage employees show donated moving quilts to pitbull at local animal shelter

With the quilts in hand, Marie and Rebecca went to the humane society where they were greeted by staff and some four-legged friends who were very appreciative of the donation. The duo placed some of the blankets on the ground and were greeted by Ember, a female pit bull.

As soon as Marie sat down she said Ember greeted her with some kisses to the face.

“We were able to pet the dogs and had a fun time that day,”; Rebecca said. “It was sweet!”;

Marie is no stranger to this shelter. She and her husband adopted Milo, a white Pekingese, in 2014.

“He just loves everything and everybody,”; Marie said, adding her dog has brought so much joy to their lives.

Public Storage employee adopted, Milo, a white Pekingese from a local shelter

The couple have also volunteered on numerous occasions at the shelter, walking dogs early in the morning.

Giving back to others in need is important to Marie. She also encourages customers who vacate their unit and want to get rid of stuff to donate those items to a local shelter or nonprofit.

“I tell my customers: 'There’s shelters around that can use these items, donate them.'”;

District Manager Heather Miyamoto said she was on board when the managers reached out about donating the quilts.

“We donate things all the time. For example, we donate the packaging peanuts to schools for crafts and projects. Packing paper that’s been torn and doesn’t look good on our shelf, if a customer can use that, then we’re going to give it to them,”; Miyamoto said. “We’re always trying to find an alternate use instead of throwing them away.”;

Most of all, it creates a partnership in the communities we serve, she said.

“Marie is very present in the community, she knows businesses in the area and she knows her customers really well and really establishes a personal connection,”; Miyamoto said.

Kudos to Marie and Rebecca. Our property managers not only love helping customers but are proud members of the communities they serve!

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