Public Storage Locations Get a New Look

Mar 31, 2023 / Alyssa Duranty

As new Public Storage locations roll out more storage units from coast to coast, it’s easy for longtime customers and neighbors to see that we’ve changed our look. And that is the whole point!

Public Storage is becoming bigger and brighter to help steer new and faithful customers towards the nation’s leading storage company, by being easier to spot and recognize as part of the orange family of great locations and customer service.

“We decided what’s important, and eliminated what’s not, to maximize what matters to our customers,”; said Karen Cormier-Southards, who was hired in 2012 as director of architecture and design to take on the big redesign of newly constructed Public Storage properties. She is also working to update existing self storage locations over time.

The new, sleek structures and the design planning around them create consistency among properties nationwide, so we’re easier to see and ID for people who drive by. Passersby can have confidence they’re looking at a trusted Public Storage property.

New Design Improves Customer Experience

Each Public Storage building is a unique creation, but there are three design elements Cormier-Southards and her team try to integrate to make new and updated locations consistent and easy for customers to navigate, whenever possible.

First there’s a prominent display tower that customers can’t miss. Next, an orange roofline to drive home the Public Storage brand recognition, and lastly visible canopies with clear signs to help customers.

“I used the thin orange line and big, orange canopies as a visual clue,”; she said. “It ties the stripes of the Public Storage website, where customers typically go first, to the outside of the building, where they’re physically going.”;


Finally, we’ve also modernized the background color of our buildings from plain off-white to bright earth tones and silvers.

We do this so customers have the same result: an easy, pleasant experience in a bright, relaxing space.

Folks can easily find our buildings and navigate the hallways with new energy-efficient LED lights. And they can locate the office and loading docks with the help of bright colors and large signage. This means Public Storage customers can move in and out with less stress.

“It’s a cleaner presentation of our brand, which makes us more trusted and provides a better customer service experience,”; said Public Storage Senior Vice President Tim Stanley.

In addition to the energy-saving lights, more eco-friendly climate-control systems are now the standard in new construction.

Newly-developed properties such as Public Storage at 4740 Harry Hines Blvd. in Dallas, TX (featured below) and Public Storage at 300 NW 36th St. in Miami, FL are great examples of the new look!


New Public Storage Signage Highlights What’s Important

The new design reinforces the company’s image, one that thousands of customers have relied on for decades when it comes to quality storage and customer service. It involves merging several iterations of Public Storage signs, which often contained phone number information easily found nowadays through web searches. And it integrates the longtime orange background of the signs and incorporates it as a building feature.

“We had seven different types of signs,”; she said. “Now, not only do we now have a consolidated sign, the new building is the sign.”;

And customers now have no problem finding the reliable Public Storage name, as the letters are typically 200 percent bigger!


“You can’t miss us,”; she said.

And the old properties aren’t going to be left behind. Nine were remodeled just last year, although it may take time to get to all of the more than 2,300 Public Storage locations across the country, Cormier-Southards said.

“This year we’re testing to see how much is enough, and how far to go,”; she said.

“We’re investing in all the properties, in the long term,”; Stanley added.

Want to see if a new-and-improved Public Storage is near you? Visit the Public Storage website!


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