Public Storage Expands to Serve Small Businesses

Aug 9, 2021 / Liset Marquez

At Public Storage, we’re constantly innovating, thinking of new ways to serve customers who need our help decluttering, downsizing, moving and more. We also offer a program that helps smaller storage businesses and other companies.

To serve more people in neighborhoods around the country, in towns just like yours, we launched a program three years ago, that helps real estate developers and other independently owned storage companies succeed.

We call it our Public Storage Advantage program, because by partnering with the biggest and the best (in our humble opinion!) in the industry, these smaller operators (we call them partners) can enjoy the marketing and management “advantage”; of the industry leader. We’re due to open the 140th location this month, and we’re so excited to offer more Public Storage solutions to storage unit renters nationwide because of it.

This program has added 6.8 million more square feet and more than 71,000 storage units to serve customers. And the buildings are fantastic, as you can see from our pics! Once Public Storage takes over management of these properties they look, feel and run the very same way as a locations we own.

Demand for storage is getting stronger all the time, and these additional spaces help us serve more people in our communities.

“Our brand is the biggest advantage to the property owners. They get the advantage of our size and scale,”; said Larry Johnson, vice president of operations for Public Storage Advantage.

Public Storage has more than 2,600 locations in 39 states. We pride ourselves on helping more than 1.6 million customers live better with storage solutions that serve their needs.

public storage advantage building at dusk

Partnering with our Advantage program allows owners to hand over the day-to-day management of their storage facility. Public Storage hires the people, keeps the property looking great for customers, to encourage them to move in and to stay.

In Reno, Nevada our Public Storage team has managed seven of our own locations dating back to the late 80s. Then in 2020, we partnered with a local storage developer who had just built a beautiful modern storage facility, said Greg Goheen, a Vice President who oversees portions of Northern California and Nevada. Now we have eight Public Storage facilities in the greater Reno market and were able to help even more people with their storage needs.

Our strong brand and marketing programs help people find storage locations and move in, so much so that one developer decided to add an additional building sooner than they had anticipated.

“We really do look for newer construction, well-maintained properties that compliment and even enhance our existing locations,”; Goheen said. “We do a great job of maintaining those and keeping them up to our great standards.”;

Partners can also experience a cost savings versus managing on their own since our maintenance costs can be lower, and we pass that savings on.

“They’re going to get the best return for their dollar and definitely better than if they were with anyone else,”; Johnson said.

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