Public Storage Employees Make it Family Affair

Sep 7, 2023 / Liset Marquez

Public Storage team members Luis and Juanita are proud to help our customers in the Washington DC metro region.
This dynamic duo have a unique partnership—they not only work alongside each other as property managers for the last 12 years, but they have been married for 42 years.

Getting to work alongside his wife has been a dream, Luis shared.

“Honestly, I feel lost when we’re not together,” he said. “We enjoy it and we make a good team.”

Working with a spouse might be enough for some, but the couple say they also feel lucky to have their son, Melvin, work for the same company.

Melvin works in a different region as his parents and doesn’t get to see them on a daily basis but on this Father’s Day, it’s still very special for him and his father to share the same uniform colors.

“I try to uphold the values he taught me, he’s my go-to guy,” Melvin said. “If I have an issue I call my dad to talk it out. It’s very special to get to work together, I know I can rely on him.”

For Melvin, having both his parents working for Public Storage brings him peace of mind.

“I know they’re being taken care of and they’re in a good environment and being treated fairly,” he said. “That really gives me the peace of mind they’re in a good place.”

public storage employees luis and juanita pose with son melvin who also works for company

Luis said he’s always asked how he balances his work and family life.

“As a family we spend a lot of together,” he explained. “That’s why working together is easy.”

Juanita added: “I think we work like a great team. We always planning the day together and if I forget something he helps me and he forgets something I help him.”

But it also helps to set boundaries, she said.

“We respect one another, but work is work and home is home,” she said.

The couple began working together under a previous ownership, EzStorage. When Public Storage purchased the company last year, they also joined our team.

Melvin joined our team last year as well and is currently a district manager in training. He’s assigned to our Baltimore region but has even help train new team members in Texas.

“Helping people develop and grow is one of the things I enjoy the most. To help relief managers and property managers advance in their career,” Luis said. “If you want grow, we’ll give you the opportunities here.”

At Public Storage, we want to celebrate this trio for assisting our customers and helping our team members grow professionally!

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