Public Storage Celebrates Global Diversity Awareness Month

Sep 26, 2023 / Public Storage

This month we’re celebrating Global Diversity Awareness Month and spotlighting some of the diverse minds that make up our team.

At Public Storage, we embrace the values of cultures worldwide. It not only strengthens our understanding and appreciation of others across the globe, but also makes us a better team.

Read on to learn more from our amazing and talented team members.

What does it mean to you that Public Storage is a company that prioritizes diversity?

“Our diverse team is one of our strengths at Public Storage, and as a Filipino-American, I particularly appreciate how the Asian American and Pacific Islander community is represented across the company.” Nathan Vitan, Chief Legal Officer (center main image)

public storage nathan

“The richness of our organization is rooted in our diverse cultures, perspectives, and voices. I am proud of the work we are doing to foster inclusive work cultures where everyone’s careers thrive and achievements are celebrated,” Nathan Tan, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

“Liberating, enlightening and powerful! I feel fortunate to work with amazing partners that allow me to always be 100% myself, not only with my views/ideas, but I can talk about the DNA that makes me be ME,” Marcela Couch, Facilities Support Director (right side main image)

How has your heritage shaped who you are today?

public storage employee tiera

“My heritage is shaping my personal experiences as well as affording me the opportunity to travel this beautiful path. My heritage gave birth to my personality, values, and dreams.

As a black woman, I am grateful that Public Storage allows me to bring my whole, authentic self to work every day. I am proud to represent a company that prioritizes diversity and creates a space where my ideas are valued. As I reflect and celebrate being a black woman, I hope that all women have a space in the workplace to cherish their heritage and embrace their individuality,” Tiera Young, District Manager.

public storage employee andres

“I was born in Chile and grew up in Mexico, lived in Israel for a year and immigrated to the U.S. in 1997. Having lived in different places has allowed me to meet a lot of people with different backgrounds and upbringings. These past experiences have allowed me to be open-minded to people’s points of view and accept that not everyone thinks like me, further enriching my personal life and work environment,” Andres Friedman, Senior Vice President, Development.

“I feel like my heritage shaped who I am today by being respectful to others and showing manners. I say this because in my culture as I grew up, my parents have taught me to always show respect, and manners even if it was something very small in the occasion. Therefore, I use these traits every day because I know that will lead me far in life, accomplishing goals that I have created for myself, and becoming a strong leader I am today where I say I express this to my team in an everyday fashion is in my emotions.

I read a quote that shares a lot about how I am accomplishing my goals today and it says ‘ALL GREAT ACHIEVEMENTS REQUIRE TIME.’ – Maya Angelou. I will say that this quote means a lot to me because I know that all achievements that I will face will take time, and I believe as long as I strive to believe it I will strive to achieve it.”

Isaac Nyarko, Relief Manager

How does it feel to be able to bring your whole, authentic self to work every day?

public storage employee danielle

“It 100% makes me a better leader. There is a certain type of freedom you get as a minority when you are on a diverse team. I’m more compelled to take risks, share ideas, and lead group initiatives knowing I’m not the only representation for my gender and race,” Danielle Jones, District Manager.

public storage employee dilhara

“When we are both authentic and inquisitive, we connect with others in a genuine way boosting more engagement, bigger and better ideas, higher productivity, and true well-being,” Dilhara Kaluarachchi, Vice President, Customer Care Center.

public storage employee marsha

“It feels AMAZING!! I certainly believe, when you’re allowed to be yourself at work, you feel better about what you’re doing, you contribute more and you perform better. When you’re being yourself, it also creates such a welcoming environment for everyone to be themselves, as well. I love the saying, ‘Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken,'” Marsha Gilbert, District Manager

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