Public Storage Celebrates 8-Year Anniversary of Two Purrfect Team Members

Mar 31, 2023 / Liset Marquez

At Public Storage, we love to spotlight our team members who go above and beyond to help others. This little duo does that every day for team members at our main offices here in Southern California.

Our humans at corporate headquarters lovingly adopted these two stray cats 8 years ago. We provide them with food and in turn are rewarded with loud purring while being allowed to give them ear scratches on a daily basis.

public storage mascot cats cuddle in the sun

Mama Peaches (she’s on the right) and her son roam our expansive corporate parking lot every day. Their first order of business every morning after a quick bath is to welcome all who arrive.

As you can see in the main photo, Peaches Junior, who we call Pecan, loves to greet people as soon as they open their car doors.

public storage mascot hanging out in the sunlight

Mama Peaches prefers to do her morning hellos from the building entrances. She patiently awaits for her morning snacks and then makes her way to the parking to find the perfect spot of sunlight to snooze.

These handsome felines are always bringing smiles to the faces of our team, while doing their own sort of patrolling on the grounds. No unwelcome mice here, not ever. In a way, they’ve become our little mascots—despite not sporting Public Storage Orange tabby fur. Their tiger-like markings, green eyes and loving dispositions have even won over the dog people.

public storage cat pecan playfully rolls on the floor

Because these two do such a great job bringing us joy, we thought we’d share their story and pass that happy feeling along. Can you hear the purring?

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