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New Public Storage App Makes Storage Sweeter

What could possibly make self storage with us even easier? Our new Public Storage app, that's what.

It lets customers use their phones like garage-door openers. Tap your phone to access storage units through our gates, building doors and activate elevator keypads to reach your floor. Or use it to pay bills and so much more!

Of course, our spaces are still locked behind doors and gates, like the one above; and storage units are still accessed via individual customer codes. That's super important.

However, today, with the app, you no longer have to use your fingers to key in digits.

No folks, today you can get in with just a flick of your mobile device. From the comfort of your car. Like magic!

"The app has Bluetooth capability to access the gate mechanism, wow! That minimizes my time out in the cold in the dead of winter," said one of our favorite customers, Chad, in his review of the app, available from the App Store or Google Pay.

We're the only national company that lets you use an app at every location.

public storage property manager showing customer  contactless entry with public storage app

If you think about it, this convenience is also pandemic friendly. That's because customers can avoid contact with a shared surface. They can also minimize visits to our office.

After all, if you forget your gate code, which happens to the best of us, you may check-in with the location manager to retrieve it. But your phone never forgets.

"The goal with the app is to improve the customer's all-around experience," said Kathleen Jarnagin, a company vice president who manages a large area of Southern California. "Now they don't' have to worry about going into the office."

Nothing could be more real with the additional expansion last year of our eRental option. It, too, makes it possible for customers to visit their units without checking in. Now your storage experience is in your control, without ever having to talk to anyone.

With eRental, anyone can sign up for a storage unit and sign their lease online, without ever having to meet another human. We miss seeing you, but we do understand!

For customers, the new features are a boon. When we mention the app, folks are immediately drawn to the convenience of having the gate code readily available with just a few swipes on their smartphones.

"We promote the app when customers come in to make payments, rent a unit, or retrieve their gate code because they forgot it or don't have it with them," said Tony Borja, a Public Storage district manager in the Los Angeles area.

"Once we start talking to them about it, they get really excited."

There are QR codes in the office that allow new and existing customers to scan and download the app on their device.  

public storage qr code for new app

Scan to download

To make things easy, we sync the login credentials you set up on our website with the app.

If you haven't created a login, you'll need to visit the account setup page on to get started before you move on to the app.

Once you've completed that quick an easy process and are on the app, you can take advantage of all the app features. They make storing with us contact-free and easy as the weekend: 

Access Units

Once you are within range, this function allows you to open gates and doors and run elevators with just one click!

Make Payments

You'll never have to miss another payment with our easy-to-use app, which allows you to set up automatic payments to avoid late fees, make a one-time payment and even manage your method of payment.

Get Directions

Find your storage unit, and even get directions to your space—the app syncs with your phone's GPS functionality.

Get Support

A support team is available during business hours at a moment's notice. Public Storage has answers to your most common questions. And if you can't find the answers, hit the Contact Us option to call or chat with a friendly customer service representative.

"It's super easy to pay, and once you make a payment its saves your information like any app," Jarnagin said.

Public Storage Works to Give Customers Peace of Mind

view of Public Storage app when you download on the App Store

In addition to offering eRental and the app as options for social distancing, we are committed to following CDC guidelines during the pandemic.

Our employees wear masks, and we've also asked them to refrain from shaking hands and maintain a six-foot distance across all interactions. We have also enhanced the cleaning of high-touch areas to reduce the risk of transmission, and we have installed countertop shields to minimize contact if you do want to visit our offices in person.

Because we like you, and we want you to take care. And be happy.

"Worked like a charm!" exclaimed one satisfied customer in his app review. "This makes me happy since the access box is nowhere near my car window when driving up to the gate."

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