PS Community Connects with CHLA for a Day of Giving

Dec 20, 2023 / Public Storage

People are the heart of everything that we do. Taking care of our customers, teams, and communities is a foundational commitment that supports our organization’s mission and values.

Our PS Community Connects initiative allows us to make an impact within the local communities we serve. We recently had the privilege of partnering with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for our Public Storage corporate and field employees to spend an afternoon giving back.

For us, PS Community Connects stands as a testament to our steadfast commitment to corporate social responsibility, reflecting our unwavering dedication to making Public Storage a workplace where every individual can take pride in their contributions.

“It has been moving to see the engagement from our people in response to our Public Storage Community Connects program,” said Natalia Johnson, Chief Administrative Officer. “This truly represents what we already know about ourselves and our people—that we are an organization filled with people who truly care about each other and our communities.”

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Companies for Kids brought together Public Storage employees from across the Los Angeles region for a day of service benefiting CHLA patients, families and caregivers.

Cheryl Balman in our corporate office had the opportunity to hand out play dough to kids while they were waiting for doctor appointments.

“Most were shy or quiet, until the bright little buckets came out. Then they lit up and were ready to play,” she shared. “My favorite part of the day was in the audiology waiting room, when I gave Play Doh to a little boy, who signed thank you back to me in sign language.”

Among those who assisted handing out warm drinks were District Managers Aysia Williams and Lluri Alvarez. The duo were teamed up with a Children’s Hospital tea member who guided them from floor to floor spreading some cheer.

“It was really awesome to give back and share the experience with my peers in different departments,” she said. “Lluri and I passed out coffee, hot cocoa and tea to a floor of staff, patients and families. Every cup given was met with a warm thank you and it just filled me up with so much joy.”

public storage district managers pose next to drink cart before volunteering at Children's Hospital Los Angeles

District Manager Michael Mulvey and Senior District Manager Katie Rodriguez also had a great time giving back.

“It was astonishing to see how appreciative the staff, as well as the parents, were to receiving a simple cup of coffee, tea or hot coco,” Mulvey shared. “They were all incredibly busy, and tired, yet every single person lit up with a huge smile. I would love to do this again.”

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