Portland Storage Units Open at Our Largest Location in the State

Mar 31, 2023 / Liset Marquez

We’re excited to open our largest storage location in Oregon for customers who live and work near the home of the Portland Trailblazers. It’s part of a huge expansion in the area.

The first phase of our new Public Storage at 2100 N Albina Ave, Portland, OR 97227 offers hundreds of new climate controlled storage units. But wait, there will be more! The location near downtown will also soon offer more than 1,200 options for customers to choose from when construction is finalized.

The new addition to our lineup contributes to a 26% increase in Public Storage units in the Portland area since 2020, as one of eight locations we added in that time, for a total of 52.

Our real estate team is always looking to expand where customers have the greatest need, and these latest additions support more than 14% growth in the Portland area over the last 10 years. With a scarcity of new homes being listed on the market and double-digit increases in prices, these days many people can’t afford to move to a bigger home when they need more space.

“We’ve been expanding quite aggressively over the last year,”; said Eric Engel, a Public Storage regional manager in Oregon.

Portland, as you may know, is beloved for its eccentric mix of shops, artisanal bakeries, breweries, iconoclastic residents and the motto “Keep Portland Weird.”; It’s a hipster vibe popularized by the comedy show Portlandia.

The city also earns high marks for its location, which is close to wilderness, the vineyards of Willamette Valley and the Pacific Ocean within an hour’s drive, among many other positive attributes.

Even though Portland’s average median home price is $515,360, it was named one of the top 10 cities to live in 2021 by US News and World Report.

“I always say it’s not a small town or a big city. It’s more of a large city but with that small town feel,”; Craig said. “You can find just as many small and local small businesses as you do large corporation, there’s a great balance.”;

New Portland Climate Controlled Storage Units

With easy access off Interstate 5 and the Freemont Bridge, this Public Storage is a short drive for residents who live in high-rise condominiums and apartments nearby.

It is also less than a mile away from the home of the Portland Trailblazers and the Rose Quarter neighborhood where they play.

“It’s proximity to the Moda Center and the downtown is the biggest draw,”; Engel said.

cloudy portland day with public storage albina ave location in the forefront

We bought the four-story building with a sleek grey exterior from Beyond Self Storage while it was still under construction.

We’re especially eager to share one unusual feature that makes this location one of our favorites. Movers can drive their boxes right into our climate controlled storage units to avoid longer trips from a parking lot.

“The doors are larger than the size of a bay door,”; said Monica Craig, district manager of the new facility. “A customer puts in their unique code and that door is up in 10 to 15 seconds. The customer is able to pull their vehicle in and park it and the door closes automatically behind them.”;

Like much of Portland, this new Albina Avenue location is near more than one lively locale. It can also be easily accessed from the nearby Pearl District, a historic warehouse and industrial district more recently converted into storefronts, coffee shops and eateries.

“It really is starting to see that revitalization. There’s a ton of breweries growing up here,”; Craig said. “This is also the closest storage in the vicinity for the commercial businesses in the area.”;

We have already welcomed small business owners who use a nearby art studio and shared workspace and find our units are convenient for their business storage.

exterior of public storage albina avenue in portland

“There’s a huge culture of reinvesting in our economy,”; she said. “It’s something that Portland is really good about, supporting their economy year round.”;

With Portland continuing to see growth, Public Storage will be there to meet our customers where they are.

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