New Public Storage in Plano, Texas Opens in Bustling Suburb

Mar 31, 2023 / Alyssa Duranty

Now more than ever Plano, Texas is proving to be a “City of Excellence”; in part due to the large volume of successful, big-name businesses thriving in the northern Dallas suburb. And the new Public Storage in Plano, Texas is no exception!

Our latest Public Storage at 7950 Ohio Dr. Plano, TX 75024 just opened to offer nearly 900 brand new storage units near Allen for residents moving and shaking around both communities.

Besides an abundance of profitable job openings in the area, Plano also boasts a good school system and plenty of parks and activities for energetic families. It also has a growing nightlife and restaurant scene, and an appreciating real estate market.

“The growth in Plano, specifically West Plano, is incredible,”; said Evan Stewart, a Realtor with the RUECKERT + STEWART group in North Texas. “Plano used to be the embodiment of suburbia – quiet neighborhoods, chain family restaurants, and a slower lifestyle. The urbanization over the last 10 years has brought new life not only to the housing communities and neighborhood structure of Plano, but also to the amenities Plano has to offer residents and visitors.”;

If you’re looking to move to this bustling Texas town, or perhaps just looking for more space here, keep reading for details about what Plano and our new facility has to offer movers.

Big Business Driving Growth in Plano, Texas

Major news struck this once-sleepy suburb when Toyota of North America announced in 2014 that it would relocate its U.S. headquarters to Plano, Texas along with thousands of jobs and employees.

“There’s been a lot of growth all over,”; said Nate Armistead, the new manager at the Public Storage location on Ohio Drive and Plano resident. “People keep moving in for jobs, which is why we stay busy.”

Toyota isn’t the only big name in town. Other big businesses that call Plano home base include: JCPenney, Pizza Hut, Rent-a-Center and Frito-Lay.

“It’s easy to see the economy in the North Dallas area is booming,”; said Brett Vick, a Public Storage district manager in Plano who will oversee the property.

State Farm plans to add thousands of workers at their Richardson, Texas location that borders Plano, after closing other locations around the country, which means even more people will be heading to the Lone Star State and in need of space.

All these new workers have caused waiting lists for apartments to fill and construction of new housing to boom. Thankfully, this new Public Storage next to the President George Bush Turnpike is ready with plenty of space to hold all of life’s stuff during the wait!


Public Storage in Plano, Texas Helps Movers

In just five years, Plano’s population has grown more than 10 percent, which is greater than the population increase in the larger Texas towns of Dallas and Houston, according to U.S. Census data.

To meet the need, the Plano real estate market has been “on fire,”; said Stewart.

“We’ve seen a lot of appreciation over the last five years in Plano,”; said Stewart. “For example, a home that might have been $175,000 in 2012 could bring in $225,000, or sometimes more, if it’s in the right location and condition.”;

Twenty miles north of Downtown Dallas, Plano had typically been a place for first-time homebuyers to find affordable housing outside the major city, Stewart added. But now all types of homebuyers are buying real estate since many jobs are now available north of Dallas.

Around town, it’s easy to spot several luxury apartments and condo projects that will cater to the white-collar workforce streaming in, Armistead said.

Still, many buyers want traditional Texas home, so families will wait and live in temporary housing while builders attempt to keep up with the demand.

“Most families are looking for single-family homes, because many people move to Plano for a backyard,”; said Stewart. “Due to the increase in demand in the resale market, many buyers have been looking at new construction. That way, they know they’re actually going to get the home they want, and not lose out to another offer.”;

It’s not uncommon for new housing projects to be under construction when workers or families move to town. That’s why many customers find themselves at Public Storage to store all their things between moving days.

“Our bigger units fill up fast, because customers’ homes are in there while they live in corporate housing or smaller rental homes,”; Vick said.

But even if a renter doesn’t need the largest 10×30 unit that is available on site, there’s plenty of other sizes to meet a variety of needs. Spaces get as small as 5×5 at the new property, which are great for storing seasonal supplies between cold winters and hot summers.


Top-Notch Amenities Ready for Plano, Texas Movers

People want to know their families will have a good quality of life before moving to a new town, and Plano has just that. The city strives to make the area appealing for city slickers heading south and new families moving in by consistently adding new amenities.

“If you can’t find something to do, it’s because you don’t want to do anything,”; said Armistead, who frequents the wide variety of golf courses in the area.

The recent regeneration of Downtown Plano has brought day and night experiences to the country town that appeal to the masses.

“There are tons of fantastic places to eat and shop. Now that old Downtown Plano has been revitalized, it’s better than ever,”; said Stewart.

And Plano is a great place for families. Nearly all of Plano Independent District’s high schools are nationally recognized, according to U.S. News and World Report.

“The schools are fantastic, which is one of the reasons I wanted to move to Plano,”; said Armistead. “It’s a great community, and you know all your neighbors. There’s all kinds of entertainment venues and lots of parks, so we always stay busy.”;

“Oak Point Nature Preserve is a great destination for some fresh air and beautiful nature right outside your door,”; Stewart added.

Convinced Plano, Texas is the perfect hometown? Stop by our new Public Storage on Ohio Drive, or one of our other Public Storage locations in Plano, Texas to find space between moves or for more room at home!

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