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Mar 31, 2023 / Ann Griffith

Every storage unit has a story to tell, but when we saw this photo on Instagram, we had to meet the guy behind these fabulous, electric-colored boards that go so well, by the way, with our Public Storage orange.

Meet Foster Engelmann, a 20-year-old student who drives a Jeep Patriot nicknamed “Goldiebox”;, who rides a skateboard to classes, and who first enrolled at Lawrence Technological University to become a car designer. Like many students, he put his stuff in storage this summer—near the Southfield, Michigan campus—before moving back home for the summer. Renting was a process he described as “super easy.”;

Public Storage customer Foster Engelmann

Foster learned a lot that first year away from home, perhaps most importantly that designing cars for a living would be too confining for his creativity given that he’d just be tweaking the previous model year—and using more practical colors, of course. He’d rather become a toy designer, maybe even start his own company designing skateboards, which we think seems like a good fit. You can see one of his early attempts here.

skateboard made by Pubic Storage customer Foster Engelmann

“I like the fact that I’m not limited by reality,”; said Foster, who goes by his middle name now because his first name was already taken in the dorms. “I was the fourth “Garrett”; on my floor.”;

“I work on my woodworking skills. I like to jump between mediums, as you can see from my blog.”;

In the meantime, Foster is taking it easy, enjoying school and his group of friends, including roommate Nick Daiber, who is pictured above wearing cool shades, standing in front of the storage unit they share.

“I always say that everyone in that class is invited to my wedding, whenever that happens, when I meet someone,”; he said.

Please remember us when you make it big, Foster!,

We love meeting our customers. Won’t you tell us about what’s in your storage unit and why it matters to you? Maybe we can do a story on you too!

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by Ann Griffith

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