Climate Controlled Storage in Houston Offers Relief

Feb 17, 2020 / Liset Marquez

Climate controlled storage in Houston is a popular choice for our customers. After all, locals know that hot summer days are enough to drive neighbors to local pools and air-conditioned shopping centers, and they know that Houston climate controlled storage can also take the edge off of weather outdoors.

Even when air is downright baking outside, know that Public Storage has plenty of Houston area climate controlled storage units: over 64,000 and counting, to make your experience a breeze.

In fact, in recent years, Public Storage added more climate controlled storage in Houston and upgraded our facilities in the area by rebuilding, adding 2,000 climate controlled storage units alone.

“It’s what we needed here in Houston,”; says Tracy Schanzle, a Public Storage vice president in the area. “Our customers’ needs have evolved, and we needed to continue to evolve.”;

We opened or reopened 12 new storage facilities in a one-year period that ended in 2019. The work increased climate controlled offerings to 64% of total units in the Houston area. That’s an average of 512 climate controlled units per property.

Houston Climate Controlled Self Storage Cools

rows of Houston climate controlled storage units at Public Storage

Houston is a humid subtropical climate and averages 99 days a year with high temperatures of 90 degrees or more, according to

Before you rent, be sure to understand how climate control storage works to offer relief from outside temperatures thanks to an air system that triggers when temperatures get unpleasant—roughly 50 degrees (for cooler climates) to 80 degrees.

Climate controlled storage units in general are set to address area needs; some in the coldest areas run only heat while others only run cooler air. The storage isn’t going to feel like the inside of a movie theater, but the cooler air will make heat less extreme and your self storage facility easier to visit.

When given the option, Schanzle says H-town customers prefer a climate control storage unit over a non-climate control one.

“It’s a huge advantage when you’re at your storage unit and not in the heat,”; Schanzle said. “We do have customers who use it for their business and visit their unit daily, if not a couple of times a day.”;

The new wave of climate controlled facilities was built to help address extreme weather conditions.

Of the four Houston-area storage facilities added in 2019, three properties offer 100% indoor climate control units.

After Hurricane Harvey, and most recently Hurricane Imelda, Quanica Jackson noticed a wave of new customers asking for units that were off the ground level and climate controlled. She does her best to accommodate anyone’s requests.

“One customer has rented five units—her entire home fits in there—while her house is rebuilt,”; said Jackson, who has managed a 2,100-unit facility in Cypress, Texas, which is northwest of downtown Houston.

Offering High-End Resources to Customers

exterior of a climate controlled storage facility rental office at Public Storage

Jackson has worked in a mix of non-climate and climate control facilities in her six years with the company.

Most recently, she noticed a new trend among customers: those who want to store their seasonal items.

“We have ridiculous humidity, and items like that would have gone in the attic in the past, but they spent a lot of money on them, and they want them inside climate control units,”; she said.

But there’s one thing Jackson has noticed with customers who have climate control, there’s longevity in renting with Public Storage.

“We spend a lot of time at the facilities and keep them clean. This is like our home—and customers notice,”; she said of her efforts to keep customers happy.

Most new Houston storage units are climate controlled, and therefore indoors—in large part because of the long, hot and humid summers, said Michelle England, a district manager northwest of the town.

“We do have the extreme weather,”; she said. “The outside might be 108 degrees, but with the heat index, it’ll feel like 120 degrees.”;

It’ll feel much worse in a non-climate unit, England said, and customers won’t want to move in while facing those grueling conditions.

If a client, however, needs to store heavy items and wants the convenience of an outdoor, drive-up storage unit, then England will work to connect them with an existing Public Storage property with a drive-up garage door down a driveway. These drive-up units are so convenient!

After reading about our climate-controlled storage units, if you’re excited like we are about Public Storage, read on to learn about how we’re a green storage company, working to apply environmentally friendly tactics.

If you’re very, very excited about Public Storage, we hope you’ll consider joining our team. You can learn what it’s like to be a Public Storage property manager by reading our blog.

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