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5 Ways to Prep for Your Move to a Public Storage Unit

Public Storage is the premier place to get more space, whether you need a storage unit to help stash stuff during a move, to make extra room at home or to declutter a garage. We know our customers are often in a hurry, so we work hard to make the rental process easy and fast. But there are also a few things you can do to get ready.

Planning ahead in this way can help you score the right storage space for you; it can help you move in quicker, and you might even save some money along the way.

Reserve a Storage Unit to Lock in Your Deal

To get the perfect-size space near you, make a Public Storage reservation in advance.

When you do, consider visiting for the best deals. The website can sometimes have special offers that are cheaper than what may be available if you reserve in person or by phone.

Storage units don’t always stay vacant for long, especially during the busy spring and summer months, when facilities can fill up. Making a reservation will make it more likely that you get the space you need at the price you want before other renters can snag it.

“Customers make reservations often, and units are available on a first-come, first-served basis,” said Shannon Lowell, a Public Storage property manager.

Fortunately, making a Public Storage reservation is easier than ever. In addition to visiting, you can get help from a fast-and-friendly storage specialist by dialing (866) 687-5396 or by going to a property in your area.

Don’t forget to confirm your reservation when Public Storage calls and emails to double check that you’re coming in. Reservations may get cancelled to make room for other renters if you aren’t able to confirm your plans.

Use Express Check-In or eRental to Save Time

To make a reservation, you only need to give your name, phone number and email address. There is no commitment and no credit card required. However, you also have the option, if you want to, to provide a bit more info up front, to speed up the process on move-in day.

“Express check-in” is the option to fill out the registration forms that would normally be waiting for you at the property. Completing them early will save you time and hand fatigue come moving day.

You’ll be offered this choice when you reserve online and again after you’ve made a reservation. You will get a reminder email with a link to the forms.

“If you fill out the forms online before you arrive, all we’ll have to do is go through the contract,” said Lisa Zepeda, another Public Storage property manager. “Then we’ll get you out the door.”

Don’t forget to bring an I.D. with you to the facility when you move-in. You can also use it to check out one of the free moving carts from the front office!

Our eRental service allows customers to spend just a couple of minutes on our website to zero in on the perfect Public Storage Unit. Once they have the unit, they are able to skip the counter and go straight to the space on moving day. 

First, visit and enter your location to find a storage unit near you. Then, reserve the unit online and see the reservation confirmation page pop up on your screen.

After that, click on the Complete My Rental Now button below the eRental logo on the page and follow the prompts to move in online.

The day before you move in, we will email you (and also text if you’d like) directions to your location and your storage unit, and we’ll also give you your own keypad code to access the facility. We’ll send this information right away if you plan to move in that day.

Finally, you’re ready to start packing and then head over to your new storage unit and move in.

This service is available at each of our more than 2,500 locations, and it has become a hit.

Verify That Your Insurance Plan Covers You

Having some form of insurance is a requirement of your lease with Public Storage. If you have homeowners or renters insurance, your storage unit may be covered, so check with your insurance agent.

A convenient and affordable way to get the insurance coverage you need is through the Orange Door Storage Insurance Program—a customized insurance policy created specifically for Public Storage customers. To learn more, please visit

Bring a Storage Lock for Your New Unit

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Once you rent your storage unit, we require that you put a lock on it when you’re not there, even if it’s empty at first. So bring a padlock when you move in to save time and hassle.

Keep in mind some Public Storage locations have doors that require specialized cylinder locks. Call ahead to see what type of lock is needed at your local facility to make sure you’ve got the right one.

If an extra trip to the hardware store sounds less-than-appealing to you, our Public Storage facilities sell top-quality locks at each property that will fit the doors at that location. No need to make an extra stop if you’re in a rush!

For more for information about our locks, take a gander at this Public Storage blog story all about them! 

Find Your Storage Unit Before Movers Arrive

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To save you more time and more money (what can we say, we love to do both!) get your gate code and find your storage unit before hired movers arrive.

“Movers usually charge by the hour, so we try to make sure no one has to stand around and wait,” said Zepeda.

Especially in our larger facilities, the halls of Public Storage can be hard to navigate for the first time, like with any large space. By successfully finding your way to your storage unit ahead of time, you can make your move easier and less confusing.

If you need help navigating those shiny orange hallways and driveways, please ask one of our property’s managers. They’re there to assist you when you need it, even if it takes you a couple trips to remember your way.

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