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When you put your stuff in storage, we know you want peace of mind. For that reason, Public Storage offers premium locks that are among the best you can buy. They are made to strict specifications by a company committed to optimizing and testing its products, and they are conveniently sold at all of our locations. If your storage unit takes a padlock, you can buy ours or buy one wherever you choose.

Our select vendor, Pacific Lock, is a trusted as a supplier to the U.S. Military and is respected by independent lock experts. 

“This is a tough, tough lock. This is the leading edge of disc locks,” said Bosnian Bill, an independent YouTube personality who has picked and cut locks to an audience of 20 million visitors over time. However, with ours, he admitted defeat after Pacific Lock sent him samples and asked him to try his best to find weaknesses. “I always say ‘we don’t need no stinking key,’ but for this one, we probably do.”

Public Storage sells two types of locks made of hardened steel. Our weather-resistant disc padlock pictured above is shaped to fit our units and minimize the size of the exposed U-shaped shackle that passes through the door.

“Those are not like locks you’re going to find in a hardware store unless it’s a top-end place,” added Bill, who is a professional security systems evaluator and engineer. Though we recommend ours, you are welcome to buy your padlock at another store.

Some locations, however, take only cylinder locks, which are more trusted because they fit tightly into the door itself to eliminate any raised area that can be tampered with.

Public Storage cylinder lock in place in a door

Cylinder locks are usually best purchased at our locations because the versions we sell are customized for our facilities.


Public Storage cylinder lock

“Pacific Lock rigorously tests these products to ensure quality. If they hit a certain failure rate, Pacific doesn’t hesitate to reject a whole palette or even a whole shipment,” said Larry, Public Storage’s retail manager who oversees lock procurement for our stores.

Public Storage lock supplier tests locks

In addition, unlike some lesser locks from other stores that come with only a couple dozen key options, there are more than 20,000 different keys distributed with our locks, thanks to additional quality parts inside our locks. The key blank is also intentionally difficult to find and copy. These measures make our locks more expensive to make, but they also prevent someone from buying the same brand and easily using their key to enter your unit. Only you hold the key.

At Public Storage, we know when you come to us to rent a storage space, you may have a lot on your mind and might not think to bring a lock with you. That’s why we have them available right there on the spot. You can rest assured they are among the highest quality on the market!

How Public Storage Locks Are Made

– A progressive dye stamp – one machine, as opposed to 12 machines in a production line—is used to leave little room for error.
– Machine welding instead of hand welding is used to produce a stronger seal.
– Cylinder locks are plated with chrome. Disc locks are stainless steel.
– The locks have drain holes to allow rain to flow through rather than sit inside and cause damage.
– More precise manufacturing makes the locks hard to pick.
– More (6) internal security pins that are more substantial make them harder to pick and increase the number of keys possible. 

  • Stephen Rios

    Interesting that you mention Bill here. I was recently highly unsatisfied when I was told that I had to use a cheap made-in-china disc lock instead of my high quality Abus traditional lock when renting a locker from one of your facilities.

    Interestingly enough, I have been a fan of Bill’s for quite some time. As such I have seen numerous videos on his channel describing just how easy it is to pick the locks provided by your company, and how nobody in their right mind would trust them.

    Now granted these videos mentioning your lock products are three years old, so out of curiosity and assuming that perhaps I had missed a video I searched his channel for “Pacific”, “Pacific Lock”, and “PACLOCK”. And while he has a couple of videos posted about the high quality of locks made by this company, your locks are not mentioned, and neither are any form of disc lock.

    So I went looking for something more recent. And guess what? I found a video of people picking open your plug locks with nothing but a zip tie. In less than 20 seconds.

    Strange, right? So I thought maybe I missed something, so I looked up Pacific Lock and the types of locks they make, and lo and behold, Pacific Lock doesn’t manufacture disc locks at all. They make puck locks, but no disc locks. None of the products made by Pacific Lock in any way resemble the locks you sell in your stores.

    I know I for one would love to see some evidence that Bill did in fact test (and approve) your locks. Or indeed evidence that your locks are even manufactured by Pacific Locks. I would also like an explanation as to why I an forced to use a lock to secure my belongings that provides so little protection that it can be picked open in less than ten seconds instead of a lock that is indeed a proven and quality solution in the lock industry.

    I’m sure you wouldn’t mind explaining yourselves here, right?

    (60) Public Storage Area Padlocks – AVOID THEM!!!

    Picking open a public storage lock plug, using nothing but a zip tie

    • DwightSPS

      Thank you for your comments.

      You can bring your own padlock or purchase a top-grade lock from us for almost all locations. However, a small number of
      facilities require a special cylinder lock which must be purchased on-site for a nominal cost. Ask your manager which lock type is needed for your location. For more information about our locks, please visit our blog, where Bosnian Bill praises our locks.

      The video it sounds like you watched it outdated. Here is Bill’s latest on Pacific’s disc locks.

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