Organization Tips for Your Home’s Nooks and Crannies

Mar 31, 2023 / Kastle Waserman

If you are in need of organizing tips for small spaces, look no further than your nearest empty wall or back of a cabinet door and the ideas of our experts. With some imagination, you too can create more room using a few simple accessories.

We spoke with pro organizer Robin Stankowski of RLN Organizing about how she converts unused space into attractive home storage solutions. She shared her tips and a few photos.

“Many times, space is underutilized and limited by design. I found most closets come with a standard shelf and bar. By taking that down and installing a closet system (from a company or DIY), you can use every area of the closet from top to bottom.”;

She also has ideas for making the most of cabinets and drawers. “On most kitchen cabinets, the top half of the shelf is empty space. By adding a small, wire standing shelf, it creates two shelves. You could also use a double-decker lazy Susan to do this. Tension rods make great use of vertical space – try using them under sink cabinets to hang cleaning products.”;

“In the bathroom, strategically-placed acrylic stick-on pods can add more storage to the medicine cabinets.”;

In addition, Robin shared with us how she created an extra closet using hooks and drapery between studs on a wall. We also found some other creative ideas around the web. See the photos below to find inspiration for creating more storage from unused crannies and wall space!

curtians hide clothes hanging on a wall to create extra closet space

Create an extra closet with some hooks and decorative drapery. Photo courtesy of RLN Organizing.

organization tools stuck to the back of the medicine cabinet door

Little stick-on pods create extra space for little things in the medicine cabinet. Photo courtesy of RLN Organizing

cleaning supplies hanging on a tension rod in an under sink cabinet

Tension rods make use of vertical space in under sink cabinets for hanging cleaning supplies. Photo courtesy of RLN Organizing.

tension rods tucked behind a corner door hold scarves

Tension rods can create rows for organizing scarfs in odd spaces. Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

crown molding photo ledge over a hand towel rack

Turn a bare wall into a pretty, useful space with a crown molding shelf and hooks. Photo courtesy of Following Friends.

fabric shoe organizer on the back of a hall closet door stores medicine cabinet items

Re-purpose a shoe organizer into a first aid kit inside a closet door. Photo courtesy of Atypical Type A.

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