How to Organize Your Clothes for a New Season

Oct 19, 2016 / Alyssa Duranty

man organizing closet by moving seasonal clothes into a public storage moving box

Sometimes cleaning out your closet can seem overwhelming. But with a bit of planning, learning how to organize your clothes can save you time and effort, as well as making daily outfit selections more efficient.

Brittany Eck, made a plan to reorganize her clothes so she wasn’t sorting through dresses, shorts and tank tops every morning to find her clothes for class.

“Sometimes, if I’m running late for school, I need to easily find a cute outfit that will keep me warm,”; said Eck, a college senior and fashion lover. “I don’t want to be riffling through a bunch of stuff I wore over the summer.”

If you’re also a fashionista like Eck, you can also easily learn how to organize your clothes and prepare for a new season, whether it’s from summer to fall or back around, to save time and space with these three easy steps provided by professional organizer Nonnahs Driskill of Get Organized Already.

“It’s a great chance to assess your closet in general,” Driskill said.

Donate Unworn Clothes to Make More Room

The first, and maybe most important step, when reorganizing most spaces is getting rid of the stuff you don’t need or use.

Driskill said to start on one side of your closet or dresser and work your way around, grabbing last-season styles and old clothes you don’t remember wearing recently.

“Go through and take the stuff out that you can’t wear when the weather gets cooler, and hold those like your shopping,”; she said. “Toss the items aside that you haven’t worn the past couple of seasons to donate.”

She said it’s important to at least do it twice a year, but Eck is a shopaholic, so she donates or sells clothes every season.

“It doesn’t make sense to keep clothes in there for so long when they could find a loving home,” Eck said.

And more closet room means another reason to hit the mall!

Move Seasonal Clothes into Storage

Store away seasonal clothing so that you’re in-season items are more accessible. This can be in bins under the bed, in the garage, or at your local Public Storage.

Once you’ve pulled out all your seasonal clothes, get some storage bins to keep your saved stuff in one bin.

“Store the clothes in a clear container – if you have a spot – or in the back of the closet,” Driskill said. “Transition out with the cooler-weather clothes. It’s like a big rotation.”

Switch out drawers holding items like bathing suits and beach towels with scarves and hats.

Eck keeps her summer wardrobe in stacked plastic drawers she purchased for cheap at a local retail store, but if you’re short on space and plan to store your clothes in boxes in the garage or a shed, don’t forget to use cedar or lavender to keep them fresh and bug-free.

Another great tip, if you have the time, is to make a list of what is in each bin and tape it to the top. That way in case you need to find something specific, it will be easy to find!

Hang Clothes Up Backwards to See What You Don’t Wear

man hanging up pants and using same hangers to organize closet

In order to see what you wear during the current season, face hangers backwards when you’re putting away your clothes.

“When you wear your clothes, wash them and put the hangers back the normal way, so you’ll know at the end of the season what you wore and what you didn’t wear,” Driskill said.

This system will help you donate or sell more clothes and keep your closet clutter to a minimum.

“If you try this organization tip, you’ll know you love what’s in your closet,” Driskill said.

Eck already started donning her saved seasonal fashions since they were so easy to find after reorganizing!

For more organization tips, learn how to store winter clothes the right way to make it easier to enjoy a warm-weather wardrobe. Read on to learn how to declutter your closet in six easy steps.

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