How to Organize Like a Professional

Sep 7, 2023 / Public Storage

Learning how to organize like a professional can be an invaluable skill, especially when tidying up is a daunting, seemingly insurmountable task.

Start by breaking tasks up into bite-sized pieces. It makes it a lot easier to track progress and stay motivated, suggests Betsy James, a professional organizer based in Los Angeles.

“Focus on one area at a time,” suggests James, “Complete your goals there before you move on to the next area.”

This way, if you only have time for one space—even if it’s just one drawer in your desk—you’re able to finish the whole thing before moving on.

James outlines her favorite tips and tricks for organizing three main areas that tend to stress people out: closets, cars, and desks.

How to Organize the Closet

The closet is the first place we often find a mess. It’s hard to keep organized when trying on outfits, rushing to put away laundry, or holding on to items we used to love but no longer wear.

Start with pulling out all of the items that you’ve worn recently. These are often your most loved clothes.

Next, start to make outfits with your items—either ones you’ve worn or even combinations you envision. If you can’t figure out where a certain item fits into your closet—maybe the item isn’t worth keeping around.

And forget about the cost or how pretty the print is—if you don’t wear it, it is just taking up space and creating additional clutter.

Special occasion clothes like wedding outfits or ski gear don’t need to take up precious closet-space year-round. Keep those items in storage to keep them out of sight until you need them.

How to Organize the Car

professional organizer declutters a closet and tidy ups car

In your center console—try a clear box so you can keep everything in one place instead of floating around. Then, you can easily see what you have or need to restock.

Think of the things you often need in your car: wipes, hand sanitizer, hair ties, lip balm, lotion, tissues, the list can go on. Whatever you find yourself reaching for while driving should have a spot.

The glove box often turns into a disorganized pile of documents and knickknacks. Avoid the frantic search for important documents with a small, labeled accordion folder. Then, it’s easy to swap things out when they expire to avoid future confusion.

How to Organize the Office

A clean space is key for a clear head!

Keeping the surface of your desk clear with only essentials is proven to increase productivity and avoid distraction.

The top of your desk should be reserved for only the things you need to do the current task at hand. This will allow you to freely move in your space without it feeling congested.

To keep that surface clean, that means your drawers have work to do.

“Drawer sorters are so important: they create designated homes for small items like pens, sticky notes, paper clips, and extra chargers,” James said.

These tips and tricks can be applied to multiple areas of your home and your life!

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