Closet Upgrade Ideas That Grow With Your Kid

Nov 22, 2023 / Laura Bolt

A closet upgrade doesn’t have to just be for mom and dad’s closets—they can benefit your kids as well! Growing kids cycle through a lot of clothing throughout the year, and staying on top of their closets can help keep everyone organized and happy (and make those early school mornings a little easier to bear).

Professional Organizer Jamilah Lang runs Style & Order, a Los Angeles based organizing and design service and as a mom of three, she knows a little something about how to keep a kid’s closet looking fun and functional.

Read on for Lang’s top tips for closet upgrade ideas that will grow with your kids and save you time and space in the long run.

1. Bins & Labels Are a Must

Properly labeled bins help keep everything in it’s place and organized, as well as allowing you to separate things you don’t use regularly or aren’t using at the moment (like seasonal, special occasion, or holiday themed clothing).

When the outgrown bin gets starts to pile up, you can do an edit to see what might be good for donation, and what you’d like to hold on to (for example, to save as a hand-me-down for later), explains Lang.

“When it starts to get filled you don’t want too much clutter,”; she said. “That’s when you want to take it over to a Public Storage unit and keep it there so you’ll still have access to those things but they don’t have to take up space in your closet.”;

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2. Foster Independence by Keeping Things Low and Color Coordinated

organizer Jamilah Lang organizes a kids closet so it stays organized as they grow

Want to avoid the age old struggle of trying to dress your kid in the morning? Keeping items at a child’s reach and organized by color makes it easy to tell your little one to go grab a red t-shirt, so they can choose which one they want, and everyone gets out the door faster.

Eye-level, color coordinated clothing will help your kids foster independence and confidence, so they’re happier with what they’re wearing, and will be able to grow into dressing themselves as they get older. When kids feel empowered, they’ll be more likely to help keep their spaces neat and tidy.

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3. Display The Things That They Love

Even adults struggle with staying motivated to keep things organized, so trying to inspire kids to do the same can be an uphill battle!

Try helping keep them motivated by displaying their favorite items (rotating them out at they change, especially for those kids who want to be a truck driver one week and a princess the next)! If kids like the look of their closets and are reminded of the clothing that makes them happy, they’ll be more likely to contribute to keeping it clean and organized so you’re not doing all the work.

With these tips, you and your kids can start to enjoy more organized spaces, and less hassle getting ready.

“Remember, start small, have fun, and get your kids involved,”; says Lang.

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