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Mar 31, 2023 / Alyssa Duranty

It’s easy to find a bathroom in disarray, after all it’s one of the smallest rooms in the house that’s also used by everyone and guests. Thankfully, there are some bathroom organization ideas that can help shape up your small space!

“People are stuck with a lot of clutter and disorganization going on in their bathroom, because they’re in and out fast and don’t take the time to put things away,”; said Susan Stone, a professional organizer in New England.

If you’re ready to create an organization system to keep your bathroom clutter at bay, keep reading for some great bathroom organization ideas from Stone and another professional organizer! Your space and morning routine will be in order in no time.

Only Store Everyday Essentials in a Bathroom

If there are items you don’t use every day – such as cold medicine or 20 rolls of toilet paper – then it should be stored in a linen closet or storage space outside the bathroom, said Sara Barba of XOXOrganizing.

“In any bathroom in a regular-size home, you don’t have a ton of space,”; she said. “If you go and buy in bulk, I always say don’t keep everything in your bathroom. That’s going to take a lot of space and it’s going to take months to get through all that shampoo, or whatever it is.”;

If you have a lot of hair products or makeup, only store what you need to get ready the next day.

“Maybe just pare it down to what you’re actually using,”; said Barba. “I have so many hair products for my curly hair and then I have some for when I’m in my straight hair faze. Take the products that you’re not using and store them somewhere else until you’re ready to use them again.”;

organized bathroom shelves

Bathroom Organization Ideas: Utilize Vertical Space

Instead of cramping the space under the sink with towels and bathroom necessities, or your bathroom floor with more cabinets, consider adding shelves or hooks on walls or doors to free up storage space.

“Hang shelves on walls, or baskets and hooks over the door,”; said Stone. “Think vertically, because bathrooms are often space-challenged.”;

She also suggests adding hooks to the inside of cabinet doors for curling irons or blow dryers, because hanging those items will free up storage space elsewhere.

“This reduces the visible clutter on the back of sinks and toilet tanks,”; she said.

But before you go to the store and buy storage bins, shelves or other bathroom organization supplies, make sure you make room for them by removing what you don’t need in your bathroom.

“Bins are adding more stuff, and if you’re constantly adding stuff your bathroom will start to look really messy,”; Barba said. “Make sure you subtract things from your bathroom before you start adding new things.”;

Reorganize a Bathroom Seasonally

During your fall or spring cleaning routines, go through you bathroom and toss expired products, switch out seasonal necessities and toss old linens, said Stone.

“You should go through your bathroom once a season, because you’ll want to switch out moisturizers in the winter with sunblock in the summer,”; she said. “Twice a year, when you’re switching out your wardrobe, you should also consider your bathroom products.”;

This includes getting rid of items you never used – like a shade of lipstick that you hoped would look good, but never did. Or shampoo brands that you were excited to try, but just didn’t work out.

“Your space is really special, and it should only hold the things you also consider special,”; said Stone.

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