Pro Tips to Make Moving with Kids a Breeze

Sep 7, 2023 / Laura Bolt

Moves are never easy, and moving with kids but can be especially overwhelming.

From calming nerves to staying organized while packing, moving with little ones is a unique challenge.

Thankfully, with a few tried and true tips, moving with kids might be easier than you think. Read on for our pro tips on making your next move with kids a breeze.

Getting Organized for a Move with Kids

As with any move, a good declutter before packing can make the experience much easier for everyone.

“While you’re packing and editing in the process with their involvement, kids feel in control of their stuff,” says Ryen Toft, owner and founder of Simply Luxe Organizing.

“That’s important because they might make decisions you wouldn’t have made for them otherwise. Surprisingly kids are willing to part with more than you think! Science tells us that kids do better with less, so instilling this during a move is a great life lesson,” share Toft.

For kids, watching their parents do it with their own stuff at the same time is really the goal.

“That way, parents aren’t left with the daunting task of doing it for them every few months,” Toft shares. “It’s a true win win moment when you can teach, implement, and have a solution that teaches independence all at once.”

Patrice Bocci, the owner and professional organizer behind REFIND Organizing agrees. Part of the decluttering process with kids involves anticipating what kids might be grown out of by the time you get to your new space.

She recommends empowering kids by having them look at their toys and make decisions about what to keep, and then start packing them away.

“This can also teach them how to respect their things and how to let go, because even adults have a hard time letting go of items,” Bocci shares. “Of course, leave a couple of favorites out so they have some to play with and have comfort items nearby.”

Need more pre-move decluttering tips? Right this way.

Starting with a Checklist

Most parents know that whether it’s school supplies, or homework to-dos, a checklist is a must-have when you’re raising kids. Moving with kids is no different!

Some items on a checklist for moving with kids could include:

  • Notifying schools.
  • Collecting important paperwork like vaccinations and health records.
  • Arranging for child care on moving day.
  • Packing a go-bag with things you’ll need.
  • Prioritizing packing by when you’ll need items (for example, pack winter coats early on if you’re moving in the summer).
  • Packing an activity bag of coloring books, puzzles, or other small games to keep kids entertained while parents are busy.

Packing for a Move with Kids

mom makes moving with kid easy by getting them to help her pack up public storage box

While it may be tempting to do it all yourself, getting your kids involved in your move (in age-appropriate ways, of course) can actually help you get things done, while getting them comfortable with the transition.

“Now that you’ve edited, they know that they are unpacking only what they love and need-now everything needs a home,” says Toft. “Be sure to have them help to label boxes. Labeling lets them know where an item gets put back too.”

If you want to maximize the moment, Toft recommends making packing a learning experience by “adding photos, or translating words in Spanish so they have even more visuals and can learn even more in such a simple step.”

When packing up a kids space, be sure not to tackle it all at once. A dedicated small amount of time once a day can help set up a routine without getting overwhelming for kids (and you)!

If you have multiple kids, you can stay organized by using color coded plastic tubs with a favorite color for each kid, making it easier to unload and for kids to add items to their personal bins.

If you have babies in tow, we’ve also got a guide to DIY baby-proofing your home.

Making Moves Easier for Kids

“Whether you’re a couple or a single person in the process of moving with kids, I highly suggest having a conversation with the children first as soon as possible,” says Bocci. “Then, you can have the kids be part of the moving process.”

“If you can, after closing on your new home, but right before you move the boxes in, introduce the new space to your kids.” she says. “This way, they’ll get excited about their new space and, here’s a treat, have them choose their own rooms, assuming you haven’t already assigned them.”

Before you move, it’s also great to research some clubs, lessons, or activities in the neighborhood so kids can acquaint to surroundings, stay active, as well as helping them make friends.

You can also help kids settle in by letting them get creative, whether that’s letting them decorate their room, setting up art projects for the backyard, or collaborating on a family art project to make the house feel like home.

Once you’re in your new home, be sure to check out our unpacking tips on our blog.

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