Moving Out of Your Self-Storage Space

May 14, 2015 / Public Storage

smiling couple moving public storage moving boxes into the back of the suv

The time has come for you to say goodbye. We’d like to share some tips that can help the process of moving out of your self-storage space go smoothly for you.

While we hate to see you go, we get it, self storage doesn’t always last forever.

Empty Your Storage Space

Be sure to completely clear out everything in your storage space and remove it from the property so that we can close out your account. It would be a shame to leave behind any of your cool stuff, but if you do find something you can no longer use, consider donating it to a charity to give it a second life.

Unfortunately, Public Storage can’t take it for you.

Tidy Up Self Storage Space

You remember back to the day when you first moved in? Try to recreate that moment by leaving the space as it was when you arrived. Sweep it out and clean up any spills.

Remove the Lock

The lock on your self-storage space belongs to you so be sure to take it with you so you can use it again. Because you have the only key, if you leave your lock on, the space is still occupied by you even if you know there is nothing inside.

Notify Move-Out Date

man leaving public storage office after letting them know about his move out date

It is optional, but we do recommend that you give at least two day’s advance notice before you move out. You can let either the property manager know or schedule it on our website by logging into your account and clicking on “Schedule a Move-out Date” under “My Storage Units”

You can always change your mind or move-out date, no problem.

After you have moved out of your self storage space (even if you did give advance notice), swing by the office to let your property manager know you vacated so he or she can inspect it and close your account.

That’s it! We are so glad you chose Public Storage and hope you will be back again soon. We miss you already!

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