5 Moving Supplies You Might Not Know You Need

Sep 7, 2023 / Alyssa Duranty

Learn what handy Public Storage moving supplies can help you during your next move.

Whether you’re packing to move your stuff into a storage unit, your first apartment or even to donate when you’re downsizing, no transition is complete without the right packing materials.

Make sure you have these five essential moving supplies on hand. You can even find them at your neighborhood Public Storage!

“We try to keep everything that someone would need to move in,” said Larry Johnson, the Public Storage retail operations manager. “Convenience is real important.”

Quick Paks

public storage moving quick pak moving boxes kit on display at storage facility

Moving in a rush or looking for a convenient way to pack? Public Storage Paks are kits with all the bare bones packing essentials like boxes and tape, all in one larger carton that is easy to grab and go. The kits range in size to accommodate movers coming from an array of spaces – whether it’s a studio apartment downtown or a two-story home in the ‘burbs.

“You can pick it all up at once and not in a lot of loose pieces,” Johnson said. “You save money over buying items individually.”

The smallest of the kits – the Quick Pak – includes 10 boxes, a roll of bubble wrap and tape and costs $34.99. For $109.99, you can buy the largest kit – the House Pak – that has double the amount of boxes, plus specialized dish and glass packing kits, two rolls of bubble wrap and three rolls of tape. Movers also get the bonus box, A.K.A the carton the Pak comes in.

“You also get the outer box, which fits large items like comforters, pillows or even some pictures or framed artwork,” Johnson said.

Public Storage Packing Paper


You may still think newspapers are the best way to pack fragile items like plates and glasses, but the ink–soaked pages could be causing you more of a mess and costing you more money.

Most daily newsstand papers cost $1, and on Sundays it’s double that, according to an article published through the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University.

Plus, the ink from yesterday’s news is getting on your hands while you pack and on the items you eat and drink off of.

Instead of hunting down copies of your local paper, consider buying a roll of newsprint. It’s made of the same material to protect you glassware without the hassle and mess.

You can buy a 5–pound roll for $8.99 or 10–pound roll for $12.99 to make sure your breakable keepsakes are secure through a move or in storage.

Public Storage Locks


The locks we sell are made to our strict specifications of hardened steel by Pacific Lock, a company that also serves the U.S. Military. Traditional disc locks like the ones pictures above are used on almost all Public Storage units, and ours are designed to minimize the exposed area of the U-shaped shackle.

Some locations, however, only take our cylinder locks (shown below), which fit tightly into the storage door itself to further minimize any exposed area that can be tampered with.


We offer locks at our locations for your convenience. However, at almost all locations, you are free to bring your own lock. Please keep in mind that once you move items into your storage unit, you are required to lock it, so remember to bring your lock with you if that’s what you would like to use.

At the very small number of locations that take only cylinder locks, you might have to buy the lock we sell because it fits tightly into our storage doors. You can call your location in advance to see which types of locks are used.

We do think our premium, stainless steel locks are the better deal. They are machine welded, so they’re stronger than typical locks and harder to pick. The six internal security pins also make it harder for burglars to crack.

“Thieves are like water: they are going to take the path of least resistance,” Johnson said. “If you make it hard enough, they’ll want to go somewhere else.”

For more information on why they’re so tough, read the Public Storage blog article on our locks.

Public Storage Expandable Flat Box Kit

public storage expendable moving boxes for packing tips

A blanket thrown over your flat screen is not going to protect it when you move. However, inside our Expandable Flat Box Kit you’ll find four foam corners to protect the edges of a T.V. and an anti-static bag. The box expands to fit a T.V., or maybe a framed painting or picture, as big as 59-inches. The box is also reusable in case you want to store it in your garage or basement for a future move, and the box is double-thick, so it keeps your valuables extra safe.

We think $22.99 is a small price to pay to keep a T.V. as good as new.

Remember all unused Public Storage boxes are returnable within 30 days of purchase. It’s better to be prepared for your move, and return what you don’t use, instead of being stuck in the middle of packing without enough supplies.

Public Storage Mattress Bag

views of mattress bag moving supplies to help with furniture

You want to know your mattress will be just as clean as when you stored or moved it, so you can lay your head down comfortably after a long day of moving. Our mattress bags are an easy way to help ensure that at a cost of less than $10.

These plastic covers will also come in handy if you’re downsizing and getting rid of a mattress or if you’re replacing an old one. Some cities require you to put the old mattress or box springs in a mattress cover in order for haulers to take it away for free. Covers protect your neighbors and the movers from bed bugs and mold.

You can also cut the mattress bag open and use it as a tarp on top of your items in a storage unit. Actual tarps may also be in Public Storage stores in the future, Johnson said.

public storage rental office with moving supplies along the wall and moving boxes stacked at the forefront with bubblewrap sitting on top.

Make sure to also check out the sofa and chair covers, which protect your furniture in the same way.

Stop by your local Public Storage to pick up any of these items and many others before you move or store this summer!

Did we miss any moving essentials you swear by? Let us know by sharing your photo on our social media pages!

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