33 Essential Moving Tips to Get You Through Your Big Day

Mar 31, 2023 / Liset Marquez

We’ve gathered 33 essential moving tips to help you get through the big day.

Whether you are moving from an apartment or to a house, or maybe even moving out of state, we’ve gathered some of the best advice from moving experts to make your transition smooth.

Declutter Before Moving

young woman decluttering her clothes before moving

Decluttering before a move makes it possible to not only shed unwanted items, but also cut down on moving costs.

1. To learn how to declutter before a move, certified professional organizers suggest you write down the order of each room you plan on tackling.

2. Go through rooms with the least sentimental connection first, think the attic, garage, or linen closet.

3. Set a timeframe for each room and stick to it to avoid burnout or fatigue.

4. Continue decluttering once you’ve moved into your new home.

Now that you’ve decluttered your home, it’s time to create a moving out checklist.

Moving Out Checklist for Renters

view from above of a woman filling out a moving checklist with boxes to the side

Develop a moving out checklist to make sure everything is in in order before you leave so you can get your deposit back!

5. Review your lease or rental agreement and determine when it expires and whether you have to give 30 days or 60 days’ notice.

6. Schedule your mail forwarding by visiting the United States Postal Service website.

7. Setup walkthrough with your landlord to avoid any surprise fees, or worst, losing out on your deposit!

8. An alternative, document your own walkthrough with your smartphone to show how you left the rental.

Now that you’ve made your moving out checklist, it’s time to pack!

How to Pack Dishes for Moving

young woman packing dishes in her new apartment

Learn how to pack dishes for a move to avoid finding broken dishes in your new space.

9. Use a lot of bubble wrap and packing paper.

10. Purchase thick boxes and line them with a couple layers of bubble wrap.

11. Place bubble-wrapped plates and then stack your dishes up. Pack dinner plates first, then salad plates and top with bowls.

12. Place bowls at the center of three sheets. Pull the sheets up and tuck into the center of the bowl. This gives enough buffer between bowls.

13. Fill up open spaces with balls of packing papers to avoid bowls and any fragile from shifting and possibly breaking in the boxes.

14. Use durable tape and wrap it around the closed box at least three times.

Remember, visit local Public Storage for even more protection for your favorite dish sets!

Prepare for Financial Challenges When You Move

Consider all unexpected moving expenses when budgeting your moving costs.

15. Start setting aside cash prior to a move so you’re prepared for unexpected expenses.

16. You may have to pay your movers a premium if you’re relocating on a holiday. It’s possible you’ll have to fix a piece of furniture damaged during the move.

17. Anticipate being charged extra for heavy items or you might have to hire a company that specializes in moving hot tubs or workout equipment.

18. You may have to pay for several months of rent because your moving before your lease expired.

While moving season typically occurs between May and early summer, it could happen any time of the year, even the holidays.

Moving During the Holidays

Fear not, moving during the holidays doesn’t have to zap all your holiday joy. With some advance planning and organization, it will help reduce moving anxiety and give you time to create special memories.

19. Research moving companies a few weeks before your move.

20. Account for the weather, which can impact your travel time.

21. Prepare by packing your car with a winter jacket, gloves and ice scraper if cold weather.

22. Plan ahead so your heat and electricity are turned on for your arrival.

23. Put festivities on pause and instead plan a house-warming party for after the holidays.

Sometimes, it’s not about the time of year you’re moving, but the location.

Moving Out of State

If you’re planning on moving out of state and need a few tips, keep reading to get some advice from seasoned moving experts.

24. Research and compare prices. Don’t just get quotes, talk the companies and get an understanding of their level of care and service.

25. Sell or donate as items that will cost more to move across the country with you, or can you replace once you’re in your new home.

26. Invest in good packing materials to keep your stuff in one piece.

27. Consider hiring a company which specializes in crating large and expensive items.

28. Ask a local bike shop for unwanted long boxes for storing unconventional items like artwork.

29. Your stuff may take longer than expected to arrive at your new home so plan on packing extra everyday essentials that will go with you in a box or suitcase.

Once you’ve made it to your new home, it’s time to unpack!

How to Unpack After Moving

young smiling couple with their dog in a moving box

Moving was just half the battle — now you need to settle into your new home. Figuring out how to unpack after moving can get overwhelming.

30. Place all your boxes to the corresponding room in your home so you don’t end up with kitchen appliances in the bathroom. 31. Use sticky notes to identify possible places for items before you unpack them.

32. Unpack your most used rooms first: kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

33. Take a break, it doesn’t have to get done in one day. Tackle it day-by-day until you’re done.

Hooray! You’re done and it’s time to enjoy your new space.

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