The Best Mobile Apps for Managing a Busy Lifestyle

Mar 31, 2023 / Seema Kacker

In this back-to-school season of scheduling and multitasking, we figure busy moms and college students could use a little help staying organized and managing limited time. Our list of the best productivity apps for scheduling, banking and organizing can help us all reduce stress and carve out a little more time in our days. And who couldn’t use that?

The Best Productivity Apps for Organizing and Multitasking!

Evernote: This app helps you remember and organize almost anything, from grocery lists to notes for a project or a planned event. The ability to sync your mobile device with your computer, share files and connect to other apps makes it a popular one on campuses and in busy households. Free

Mint: This Intuit app integrates with a web service to help you manage your expenses, while promising to keep your valuable data secure. It allows you to link your bank accounts and monitor your spending. You can create a budget and set up email alerts on your spending and bill due dates. Free

Venmo: This app offers a simple and quick way to pay from your mobile phone by linking to your email contacts and Facebook friends. You can register using your debit card or bank account and either to pay rent, split bills among friends, pay for cabs or buy groceries. Fans say it is like PayPal, but better. Free

Uber: For whenever you need a ride, especially as a student in a new town, this app acts as a taxi-calling service, efficiently connecting riders with Uber drivers, who are just a text message away. Uber is currently offered in 35 major cities in the U.S. and internationally. Free

iStudiez Pro: Students on many campuses rely on this app to keep track of their GPA, college courses and grades on individual assignments. It helps them monitor schedules and due dates. $2.99 Pro

Your Bank’s Mobile App: Whether you’re in town or away, your own bank’s mobile app can be a handy tool for transferring money between accounts, paying bills, scheduling automatic payments, tracking deposits and withdrawals. You can even deposit checks with some institutions’ apps. Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank all offer free apps for mobile banking. Free

Dropbox: This app allows you to access files and photos on any device or computer, and to share them. You can take your documents, pictures, and videos anywhere you go. Free

So go ahead, take a test drive of some of these apps and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear back on some of your favorites!

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