Go Batty for Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Mar 31, 2023 / Alyssa Duranty

It’s the season to get spooky, and preparing your home for some haunts has never been easier with these DIY Halloween decorations made with inexpensive lights and glass storage jars.

Follow these easy four steps for a fun, easy project your kids (or adults!) can do between pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and other festivities.


Stock Up on Supplies Before Starting Your DIY Halloween Decorations

What’s better than an easy DIY project? An inexpensive one! We spent around $8 total at a discount store to complete this fun project with a simple list of supplies. To make these spooky DIY Halloween decorations, visit your local discount store and purchase:

  • Four (or more!) small-sized glass jars
  • One short string of colored, decorative lights per jar with battery pack
  • Scotch tape
  • Printer paper and ink
  • purple-and-orange-halloween-lights-decor

    Test Your Halloween Lights to Make Sure They Work

    Different color combinations can give you a different effects, so try a couple out! We chose to keep true to our Public Storage orange and purple colors, which happen to be in season during the Halloween holiday. We also did one color per jar, but get creative and try two or three colors in a jar. Just make sure the glass does not get too hot!

    Wrap the lights around the battery pack so they easily fit inside the jar and conceal the black pack. This will help ensure the jars glow brightly!


    Print Out Halloween Design and Tape Around Jar

    The glow of Halloween lights inside the jars are cool on their own, but you can easily make this project spookier by wrapping the glass jars in a fun Halloween design.

    You can use our printable bat Halloween design, or find a different one online to print from your computer.

    Make sure you are not low on ink before printing out your project so it’s as bold and creepy as possible.


    Display Your DIY Halloween Decorations Indoors!

    You might be saying: 'That’s it?’ Yes, it is! With a little preparation, a couple minutes and some creativity, you made an easy, kid-friendly project to impress all your neighbors and the trick-or-treaters headed to your home this Halloween! Or for more grown up haunting.

    This decoration can also be easily adapted for other holidays.

    Don’t forget to send us pictures of your completed decorations! Upload your photos and we might share them!

    Photos, tips and graphics courtesy of Daniel Braun.

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