Decorating Tips to Freshen Your Space

Mar 31, 2023 / Kastle Waserman

If good organization and storage is a first step to living well in your home, steps two and three could be playing with color and lighting to make your space pop.

Designers Milton Miller and Lamont Bynum of Miller Bynum Design in Atlanta shared these and more home decorating tips for making any room feel fresh and stylish. Their expert design advice can help anyone do a quick update without spending a lot of money or diving into a full-on renovation.

Add Some Color to Your Home Decor

Color has long been an effective way to freshen a space, but the designers suggest picking colors that cater to your taste rather than the latest design trends. “Unless you plan to update annually, choosing colors of the year could instantly date your design,”; says Milton.

While some eras and design styles such as rustic, modern and traditional may come with pre-set palettes, don’t limit yourself to that, said Lamont. “Incorporate things that infuse your personality.”; So if you want to add some touches of bright red in your antique-white drenched, farmhouse-style home, go for it!

A coat of paint, of course, is a simple way to add color. Lamont suggests using industry offerings such as paint samples, chips, and computer programs and apps that can virtually paint a room. That way you can pick out colors that not only you like but that also work well together. And don’t be afraid to use paint in new ways, “color on ceilings is always a surprise!”; says Milton.

Other suggestions for adding color include incorporating new accents such as fabric, wallpaper, art, rugs and pillows. “These items also add texture and dimension, which really makes a color pop,”; says Lamont.

a mirror brings light and sparkle to a room

Bring in the Light to Brighten Your Space

Good lighting is also an easy way to not only enhance but also create a better-functioning space. “Properly lit spaces offer the ability to showcase different hues of color, textiles and other aspects of a room’s design,”; says Milton.

Just as you would use accessories to create depth, you also want to consider layering your lighting. Milton offered some guidelines: “General light is your ambient lighting. Then you have task lighting for functions such as reading, putting on makeup or cooking. Lastly, you’ll want accent lighting to highlight certain details in your space such as artwork, accessories on shelving and architectural features.”;

good lighting helps freshen a space

Design Tips for Every Room

To get your redecorating shopping list started, Milton and Lamont also shared quick room ideas for every area of the home:

Living Room Decor – Placing disparate pieces of art in frames that are of a similar style can make for an instant collection.

Dining Room Decor – Add rugs, chic lighting and fresh paint in the dining room for a quick but major change. Place a focal accessory on the table when it isn’t in use. Add a functional item like buffet that can be used for serving as well as storage.

Bedroom Decor – New bedding works wonders. It adds layers, colors and textures through textiles. If window treatments are affordable, finish off the room with new ones and throw in one great piece of art.

Bathroom Décor – Swapping out a plain or dated sink or vanity makes a huge statement. Also update your light fixture for an instant makeover.

Home Office Décor – Offices are great places to display collections. They are often inspiring to the homeowner in creating a more pleasant work environment.

Just adding a few, budget-friendly items are enough to make your home feel new and polished again!

owners of miller bynum design firm at work

Photos courtesy of Miller Bynum Design. Home photos by Ben Brown

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