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How to Pack for Storage

Whether the time to clear out clutter has finally arrived or you’re making the move to your dream home, preparing and packing is essential for a smooth storage transition. You’ll want to make sure you have enough space and that everything from your electronics to clothes are perfectly packed. Read on and discover Public Storage’s top self storage packing tips to help your things stay accessible and well-organized. 

Step 1: Create a Storage Inventory

The best way to pack your storage unit efficiently and effectively actually doesn’t require any physical labor at all. Creating a detailed list of the items you’ll be storing will keep your belongings organized and your move easy. 

For insurance purposes, you can even detail the condition of your belongings and their approximate value. We recommend keeping a copy of this, your storage inventory, for your files and keeping one inside your storage unit. This way, whenever you visit your storage unit, you’ll know exactly where everything is located.

Step 2: Pack Boxes for Storing and Stacking

In order to get the most out of your storage space, you’ll have to think ahead by choosing the right boxes, packing them the right amount and labeling them appropriately. These tips will help make sure your stuff is stored properly and easy to retrieve when you need it: 

  • Choose the right boxes. Small boxes work well for heavy items, large boxes for lighter items. Avoid using garbage bags. 
  • Pack boxes thoughtfully. Don’t put more in a box than what you can comfortably lift. Don’t overpack to prevent box bulges. Don’t underpack to prevent box damage. Use packing peanuts, if needed. 
  • Use quality packing tape. Close boxes firmly on the top and bottom before sealing them. 
  • Label boxes clearly. Use a black marker if you can. Align how you label your boxes with your self storage inventory. 

Step 3: Prep Your Furniture & Belongings

Use protective materials to keep your furniture in good condition without suffocating it. We suggest trying to make furniture as small as possible too. You can break down bed frames, for example, to create extra space. 

For appliances, drain all liquids and remove shelves or breakable pieces. Electronics are best stored in their original boxes. And, to keep clothing clean and moisture-free, plastic containers with lids are a good option.

Step 4: Find a Storage Unit to Fit

After breaking out your packing tape and moving boxes, you’ll need to select the right storage unit size and type for your stuff. Review the inventory of all the items you’ve packed, from large appliances and bulky furniture to boxes and bed frames. 

Our Self Storage Size Guide covers how much you can expect to fit in our units, and we’ve put together a helpful how-to article for choosing the right storage unit for your needs. You might also want to check what storage amenities fit your situation best. Climate controlled selfstorage units, for example, are worth considering if you need regular unit access. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Packing for Storage

Does Public Storage provide packing supplies? 

Public Storage locations offer the moving supplies you’ll need, from boxes and bubble wrap to furniture covers and mattress bags.

How much can I fit in Public Storage units? 

Many of our units have 8 ft. ceilings, but how much you’ll be able to fit depends on the unit size you’ve reserved. Our Size Guide can help you determine how big of a unit you’ll need. You can visit your location to measure if you need an exact fit.

Can I move to a different unit size if I need more space? 

Absolutely. Whether you need more space or less, contact your Public Storage location manager. They’ll help you find a storage unit that works for your needs.

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