Pegboard Storage to Transform Your Home

May 30, 2023 / Liset Marquez

Pegboard storage is an old-time organization tool that has taken on a new look and become an exciting way to enhance your space.

Pegboards are not only a great organizing option that’s been around seemingly forever, but also can be adapted to just about anywhere in your home to create, you guessed it, more storage! And these days these holey marvels look fabulous!

“It’s gone from industrial use for your garage to you see it in high-end design and coffee shops, which is kind of neat,” said Bobbie Ann Tilkens-Fisher, a weaver and interior stylist who recently added a pegboard wall in her home studio.

Depending on your storage needs, these boards come in a ton of sizes, and they can be easy to find at your local hardware store, Ikea, or online retailer. So go for it.

We spoke to four cool creators, some who made their own pegboards– dowels and all – to learn how these stunning projects added storage in homes large and small, and the fun ways you can incorporate them. We think we’ve captured the best-looking.

Ikea SKADIS Pegboards form a Majestic Yarn Wall and More

Ikea Skadis pegboard storage panels used for yarn wall in a home

The beauty of the Ikea SKÅDIS is its versatility. The pegboard comes in two panel sizes along with its own system of accessories so you can hang up everything from makeup to desktop supplies.

Don’t like white, shown above? No problem, there’s also the traditional natural wood color that looks good indoors and out.

Tilkens-Fisher put her own spin on Ikea’s SKÅDIS by using it to store her yarn for projects, but we think the storage itself it the work of art.

It all started when she took up weaving a little over two years ago, after her son Milo was born. Her hobby quickly grew into a business, which she operates out of her Victorian-era home in Pennsylvania.

With all that yarn, storing in baskets became impractical as her hobby grew, especially with a young child who could easily reach it. Nor was it efficient for her creative process.

“Once you put it in a basket, it’s really easy to forget you have it,” Tilkens-Fisher explained.

closeup of Ikea pegboard storage panels holding balls of yarn

She wanted to instead use the vertical space in her home studio but kept thinking a pegboard was too much work. Then she discovered Ikea pegboard system of brackets and mounts, and her problem was solved. The uneven walls of her very old home did make made it more challenging to hang the modern product, but worth it after a few hours of effort.

“I’m totally enamored with it,” she said. “Once I put it up all on the wall, then I was able to see it all and come up with new and different color combinations.”

So how many balls of yarns are up? By our count, there are at least 125!

“Not my entire collection, but most of it,” she said, laughing.

Pegboard Storage Walls for Kids

Toddler runs past toy storage pegboard walls

Monica Chavez got the inspiration to use the L-shaped space under her staircase in her Northern California home as a toy, play and storage area.

“My main goal was to take advantage of the vertical space and make it interactive, but functional at the same time,” she said.

Since the space was relatively tight, she decided to use dowels and pegboard as an interactive toy because she felt it would be great for developing her son’s motor skills. She cut pointed boards to look like houses, added bright colors in fun patterns, and created a whimsical space.

The houses have storage bins at the base for the dowels, and Chavez said her son has started to use the pegboard to hang up and store some of his other toys.

“He’s hanging up his little googles, his hat, so he’s utilizing it as storage, which is really cool,” she said.

It took a weekend and $40 to create the nook. Chavez and her husband worked from pre-cut 2 feet wide by 4 feet tall, three-quarter-inch thick plywood panels for each “house” panel. They also purchased 8-foot long, three-quarter-inch diameter dowels which they cut down to 3-inch pieces. She saved some time by making a wood stencil to mark and then drill her holes and decided to make them 2 inches apart.

The key when you are framing your pegboard is to leave plenty of space for a dowel to go through.

Chavez has a bit of advice before the drilling begins.

“Take a step back and look at it with fresh set eyes before you cut into the wood permanently, and you make any mistakes,” she said. “At one point with the playhouse, we missed a hole!”

Pegboards for Business Storage

Young woman sitting on a white table in front of a DIY pegboard storage wall

In Texas, Quynh Phan-Tran also wanted a DIY pegboard to create much-needed storage for online vinyl company, Nathan Et Celine.

With two little ones at home, Phan-Tran also needed her items to be raised off the floor and hard to reach for the under 4-foot set. She got some help assembling from her husband.

“I drew it out, we did the math together, and then I let him handle the rest,” she said.

Based on the wall space in her guest bedroom, her final project turned out to be 3 feet tall and by 6 feet wide. Phan-Tran uses steel hooks to hang and hold items. It took them four days -spread over two weekends – to complete.

Closeup of white craft room DIY pegboard storage wall

In the year since she’s had her pegboard, Phan-Tran said it has helped tremendously. She also likes the versatility the pegboard provides for storing items.

“I can rearrange it however I want. It’s big, wide and lots of space,” she said. “I love that I can create different looks, too, so it doesn’t look too boring.”

Build the Ultimate Garage Pegboard

Young man standing in front of black pegboard storage wall hanging up tools in garage

Jeremiah Skinner thought his storage problems had been solved when he built a 16-foot workbench for the space.

“What actually happened was I filled up the workbench with multiple projects at the same time, and ran low on room,” he said. “I was spending a lot of time sorting through tool bags on shelves or stacking them in the corners of the workbench.”

A visual person, Skinner said having a cluttered workbench made it difficult for him to manage ongoing projects efficiently.

“I decided that being able to see most of my available hand tools would make it easier to organize and access everything I frequently use,” he said. “I thought it would be nice to have the pegboard run the width of the workbench, with LED lighting across it.”

He documented his process of building his garage pegboard on his YouTube channel, “Never Ending Project Garage.” Skinner said he decided on a pre-made black pegboard because he wanted a backdrop that would contrast with his tools and make things easy to find.

He was able to complete almost all of it in one afternoon, except for hanging up the lights, which he did the next evening.

The pegboard has also gone through some minor physical upgrades, in the form of new hooks. Skinner said he’s switched some of the hooks to make it easier to retrieve the tools from the pegboard.

young man organizing tools on his black pegboard storage wall

His budget-friendly project cost $200 and included some scrap wood, along with one sheet of plywood. The light fixtures were upcycled and just mounting and new bulbs.

“My pegboard allowed me to clear out several shelves of tools, and move them somewhere that’s both more convenient and more efficient using the available space,” he said. “My workbench is cleaner, and I have easier access to my most-used tools.”

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