Our Top Tips on How to Store Clothes

May 26, 2021 / Liset Marquez

When Ellen Delap meets with clients to declutter their closets, her goal is to help them learn how to store clothes correctly to maximize their space and sanity year around.

Storing your clothes the right way helps “free up useful space in your primary closet and gives you options for other storage in other closets,”; Delap said.

Declutter Closet Before You Organize

Delap, a certified professional organizer, first asks her clients to let go of those pieces they no longer wear or that no longer fit their style. These items can be donated or even sold.

“Overfilled closets lead to a breakdown in laundry and home routines,”; she said. “When routines fail, overstuffed closets keep us from getting ready for the day and feeling good about our home.”;

She suggests clients consider using a storage unit to tuck away seasonal clothing. Visit our size guide to find the perfect unit to meet your clothing needs.

“By using storage, you are giving room to the items you wear most frequently,”; said Delap, owner of Professional-Organizer.com.

You can store off season or formal wear out of your closet and out of the way.

Seasonal Clothes Storage

seasonal clothes folded and ready to store away

Store summer wardrobe items like bathing suits and beach towels in a bag either in a storage unit or the back of the closet during offseason. That way when the warmer weather comes around you can easily move them into stacked bins for easy access.

Clean your closet out twice a year and move items into storage boxes. Visit our blog to learn How to Organize Your Clothes for a New Season.

Winter Clothes Storage

clear empty plastic storage bins in a variety of sizes stack away on shelves

Plastic containers with a clip-on lid that stays sealed can work well for clothes going into a storage unit or outdoor garage.

Always check and empty out pockets before storing any clothes long term. For more information, read How to Store Your Winter Clothes on our blog.

Baby Clothes Storage

storing large baby clothes in shelves above closet

If you’re having trouble letting go of those adorable tiny outfits, consider storing them in boxes by sizes and season to pass down to younger siblings and family.

Move them into your storage unit, garage, or attic, or place them on the shelf above in the closet.

Here’s more tips from expert organizers to help you Learn How to Store Baby Clothes for Keepsakes and Donation.

Vintage Clothes Storage

vintage clothes stored in a closet

Proper storage is key when owning vintage clothes. Make sure to store clothes in a dark, dry space, and away from elements which affect the fabric over the long run.

Dresses with a bias-cut or any heavily embellished dresses should be stored flat and unfolded in an acid-free box or a drawer, wrapped in acid-free tissue.

Follow these maintenance tips with our guide on How to Wear and Care for Vintage Fashion.

Clothes Storage for a Move

young woman holding clothes she will be packing up for a move

If you’re getting ready for a move, start first with packing off-season clothes, and don’t forget to put some extra fabric sheets in your boxes to keep everything smelling fresh during the move.

Pack a suitcase of extra clothing and essentials to take with you in the car so you have what you need during the move.

Keep reading for tips on how to How to Pack Clothes for a Move.

No matter how you store our clothes be sure to only keep what makes you feel and look good. Enjoy!

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