Hat Storage Ideas for Your Home

Mar 31, 2023 / Liset Marquez

When Organizer Tina Gann gets asked about hat storage ideas from clients, she often asks them to identify their lids’ goal.

“Many people take pride in their hats, and want to display them, while others just want a better way to neatly store them so that they are out of sight but easy to get to,” said Gann, owner of Simply Organized with Tina.

Follow these tips from our expert organizers for the right hat trick(s) to achieve important fashion and organizing goals for the New Year and beyond!

Identifying a Hat Storage Area

wide-brimmed hat hung on wall in closet

Hang on to your hats — or don’t! Gann asks for her clients to let go of the hats that no longer serve them.

Eliminating unnecessary items will help when setting up your hat storage.

If you have a tiny space to work with, look at all of the wall areas: behind a door, inside the closet, or above a doorway, Gann said. Hang them side-by-side vertically or horizontally. However, the space allows it.

“I am all about using what you have, repurposing and reworking the space to work best for you, Gann said.

Creating a specific storage spot for hats makes finding them and putting them away so much easier, she said.

Baseball Hat Storage

baseball hats hanging on a rod using s-hooks

Sports caps can be stored in various ways: hung on hooks on the wall, folded in half and stacked together on a shelf, on an over-the-door hat rack, displayed nicely on a shelf or hanging from shower rings on a tension rod in a closet, Gann said.

That’s precisely what Lily Arias decided to do in her Ohio home. Her husband has at least 40 hats, most of which were spread throughout the house, including in a fabric box in the couple’s walk-in closet.

“We got to the point where he couldn’t find his nicer hats,” she said.

Hats stored on curtain roads on closet wall

Arias decided to use the underutilized vertical space behind the closet door to install a curtain rod and s-hooks, which easily held four hats.

She has since expanded the hat storage area to four curtain rods, which hold nearly 30 hats. See the impressive storage area and hat collection above.

“He’s not easily excitable, but as he’s used it, he’s found it to be really useful,” Arias said. “Having hats in a box, it was a little ‘out of sight, out of mind.'”

DIY Hat Storage

fedora hats displayed on a wall

Keep in mind that big-brimmed hats need space to store for them not to lose their shape. One quirky but eye-catching way to store your hats is to turn them into wall art!

“They are beautiful and can be displayed as a focal point on a wall, or tucked away and hung on an inside closet wall or the back of a door,” she said.

Since hats are very light-weight, Gann suggests using 3M command hooks that don’t leave holes or marks.

“Because the hook is covered up by the hat, I personally don’t think the finish of the hook matters as much and would go with a low-cost option,” she said.

baseball hats hung vertically behind a closet door

Meanwhile, winter hats are very easy to store in a tote or basket for hats and gloves. Store them up high up and away. Gann advises you to take them down with winter hits and have the basket in an easy-access space.

“I believe in creating a home for everything. Establishing a place for everything creates a clutter-free environment that is much easier to manage,” Gann said.

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