6 Clever Bicycle Storage Ideas for Any Space

Mar 31, 2023 / Liset Marquez

Organizer Alia Glasgow leads the pack when it comes to clever bicycle storage ideas that can work for just about any space in your home.

After all, she lives in the California coastal town of Santa Barbara, which is known for its beach views and bike trails. Glasgow and her sister, Casey Geeb, co-own The Efficiency Project and help clients with their storage needs. Because putting away outdoor gear at the end of the day shouldn’t feel like riding up a long, steep hill.

“Casey and I are really good about tailoring our bike organization to our client’s needs,”; she said. “We don’t have a one-size-fits-all.”;

Read on to learn the best bicycle storage ideas that can make it easy to shift gears and get ready for more exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Garage Bike Storage Ideas

a bike rack is installed on one end of a family garage for optimal garage bike storage

With any storage project, it’s essential to think about storage space options and how you ride.

“Every garage is different and every one’s set of needs are different,”; said Glasgow. “A young professional’s storage needs are different from older people that physically can’t lift their bike. Then there’s the family of six who need a place to put all their bikes.”;

To help families put the brakes on tipped over bikes in the driveway, she suggests floor bike racks.

custom made wood bike rack for electronic bikes in garage

“You’re giving up a parking spot in your garage but you don’t have bikes scattered all over the place,”; Glasgow said.

That’s the option that works best for Glasgow and her kids who ride their bikes to school every day.

If you need the parking space, then use available vertical space to store your two-wheeler. Glasgow suggests a bike wall mount, which come in a variety of models (see main image). The mount is adhered to the wall and the owner simply places the bike frame onto hooks or a mantle to store away.

Glasgow worked with a family who opted for wall mounts because “they did not need to access their bikes every day.”;

Installing a bike pulley to the ceiling of the garage is another option. Hooks support the front and back side of the frame when you hoist it up to the ceiling.

Both options can be purchased online, but Glasgow advises a professional install it to a wall stud or ceiling joist because you don’t want them crashing down.

Bike Storage Ideas for Apartments

a bike is stored on a wall mount  in a garage.

Darina Parker knows there are limitations for storing bikes in apartments. She uses wall mounts and hooks to store bikes in her Los Angeles apartment.

Elevating the frame is optimal for the preservation of the bike and eliminating pressure on tires, says Parker, who is assistant manager of Just Ride L.A. bike shop.

A vertical bike rack wall mount is another option for gearheads. These come in various models depending on your space and preferences. With this storage solution, the handles and seat stick out into the room while the wheels rest on the wall. Some options allow the bikes to lay at a 45-degree angle from the wall, offering more aisle space. There are also vertical bike rack stands which are freestanding.

Outdoor Bike Storage Ideas

If you don’t have any room inside but have a patio or carport space, then a heavy-duty bike cover can be a great choice for keeping the dust off the bikes stored outdoors, Glasgow said.

Don’t use outside ground-level bike racks to store your ride if you can avoid it, adds Parker. Not only for security reasons, but it won’t protect the bike from outside elements.

“Bike storage when you don’t have a garage is so tricky,”; Glasgow added.

Event better, create dedicated enclosed bike storage options if you have the room and budget.

Glasgow suggests custom-built or pre-made bike sheds for any open space.

You can buy a pre-made bike shed at a home improvement store or online and can easily assemble it in your free time. The downside is that these bike-specific options are typically similar dimensions as bikes, so you have to duck down to put your bike away, Glasgow.

Some wood bike sheds have more customizable options, but can also require more hands-on assembly, which Glasgow says you could either do yourself or hire a contractor.

Glasgow also recommends you get creative with the space you have.

“One of our client’s didn’t have a garage but we used an overhang area from their roof to build a cover and mounted the bikes under the overhang,”; she said.

Regardless of the bike storage shed you choose, Parker said it is still important to properly cover the bike if it is not used regularly, to avoid the chains or the frame from corroding.

“If you’re storing your bike outside, you want to keep it off the ground and covered. This is going to extend the use of the bike,”; she said.

To be able to do this, the ideal solution if you can afford it is to opt for a custom-made vertical bike shed and install vertical bike racks or wall mount.

For bikes that need to be stored long term, Parker suggests you take the wheels off the frame before you store it.

We hope you’ve find these bicycle storage tips handy. But if you’re looking for more transportation-related storage options, read on to learn how to store a motorcycle for winter! Maybe you need to store your vehicle for a bit? Then read these tips on storing a car.

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