4 Storage Ideas to Steal from Tiny Homes

May 25, 2021 / Liset Marquez

Nowadays many of us are looking for creative storage ideas to help make the most of the space we have.

Maybe storage is limited in your apartment, or even if you have a large home perhaps you’ve invited family members to move in.

Whether it’s the lack of space or wanting to create more storage, tiny home builders have come up with clever storage solutions that can be replicated in just about any home.

“I really get how important space is,”; said Spencer Sousa, owner of Rough Cut Tiny Homes, a builder in Conway, South Carolina. “When I walk into a full-size house, because there’s so much space to deal with, I point out areas where I can turn it into storage.”;

Tiny homes are smaller than most apartments but still need to contain everything you would have in a full-sized house, said Emily McCulloch, with Palm Springs-based Cheeky Monkey Tiny House.

“Tiny homes are similar to capsule wardrobes in how they make the most out of little: you might have less space (or clothes) but every aspect is constructed with extreme detail, making it easy to both cherish the beauty of the space and appreciate the functionality of it,”; she said.

If space is tight in your home then these 4 storage ideas inspired by tiny homes can help you maximize your space.

1. Bed Storage

In tiny homes, McCulloch said being able to tuck away the bed away is great for gaining back some living space.

Consider building or buying a murphy bed. This option is ideal if you have a guest bedroom but need it to double as a home office a majority of the time.

Most tiny spaces also do a great job of using the space under the bed, McCulloch said.

To optimize storage, tiny homes builders often raise the bed and build pull out drawers to store clothes and shoes. Another option is installing a hydraulic bed lift, which lifts the mattress to store clothing or other items.

2. Under Stair Storage

stairs in a tiny home are converted to drawers for extra storage

Creating storage under the staircase can be done to meet just about any need.

Both Sousa and McCulloch say they create cubbies with doors or add drawers from the steps of the staircase. But it’s not uncommon to use the nook underneath the stair for beds, washers and dryers as well as kitchen appliances.

“Some people prefer the storage under the stairs to be completely hidden while others don’t mind the look of cabinets under stairs,”; McCulloch shared.

Sousa likes to use the first step at the bottom of a staircase to create a slide out drawer to store the items such as a broom, mop and vacuum.

“Stairs are a really cool storage space, a lot of space to be used,”; he said.

In a home where space can be tight, Sousa said this can easily be replicated. He’s seen a home that even utilized the space under the stairs for a wine cellar.

Under the tallest steps, people often opt to have closets where they can hang clothing or an ironing board.

“The good thing about storage is that it’s very customizable,”; McCulloch said.

3. Furniture Storage

dog crates in a tiny home that double as a tiny stand

One of the keys to making tiny homes a livable and functional space is the ability to be efficient with the furniture.

Sousa said he likes to incorporate furniture that can serve a dual purpose. Some examples include a couch or seating bench which has storage in the bottom.

He had a client who wanted a dog crate in their tiny home and so they decided the dog crates would double as a TV stand.

In a home, a dog crate would fit great in a laundry room. The counter top can serve as a folding table for clothes with the crate below.

Foldable countertops and pull out tables are great because you can easily extend and retract the length as needed.

“Think of any dead space as an opportunity for more storage. See an empty corner? Why not add some built-ins and get more out of the space,”; McCulloch said.

Sousa said one hidden area for storage is in the kitchen. The kickboard of the cabinets can actually serve as a pullout drawer to store items like baking and cookie sheets. He also uses spaces between appliances and cabinets to build pull-out spice racks.

“Normally that would be voided space that would be covered by trim,”; he said. “We’ve turned those into spice racks and cookie sheet drawers.”;

4. Vertical Storage

kitchen cabinets that go to ceiling for more vertical storage

The kitchen is also a great place in a tiny home to take advantage of vertical space.

Instead of having appliances spread across the countertops, Cheeky Monkey build shelves and cubbies into the walls to efficiently store everything.

“Going vertical is key for storage,”; McCulloch said.

Another trick is making sure the kitchen cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling, Sousa added.

“You can store so much space up there and it really makes it looks nice,”; he said.

If you’re still looking for more storage, don’t forget our units come in a variety of sizes to help you meet your need whether it’s only temporary, short-term or for an extended prior of time.

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