4 Easy Holiday Storage Ideas

Sep 7, 2023 / Public Storage

These four easy holiday storage ideas will help keep things merry and bright long after the festivities have wrapped up.

Once the holidays are over, some of us are tempted to rip down the decorations, throw them into a box, and call it quits.

However, by spending a little extra time and care, your future self will be forever grateful AND you can avoid rebuying the same holiday décor year after year.

Tip 1: Ornament Storage

aerial view of woman storing ornaments in storage bins

On Christmas morning, the wrapping paper goes flying and then usually ends up in the garbage or recycling bin. However, you can repurpose and reuse that ripped giftwrap to your advantage!

Use your old wrapping paper to keep your fragile items safe. Taking a few extra minutes to pack all your ornaments properly is better than having to buy new ones next year because they broke.

You can find more tips on Christmas ornament storage on our blog here.

Tip 2: String Lights Storage

string lights storage using a flat board for long terms storage

Trying to untangle string lights is enough to turn any holiday decorator into a Grinch. That’s why you’ll want to wrap them around a piece of cardboard or an old giftwrap tube.

This will keep your lights tangle-free and in pristine condition for next year’s decorating pleasure.

We have even more tips on string lights and other types of holiday lights here: How to Store Christmas Lights: 5 Simple Ways for Tangle-Free Decorations.

Tip 3: Artificial Tree Storage

a young woman using a storage bin to store her artificial tree

Keep your tree safe all year long by packing it properly into a large bag. There are affordable options online that will save you the headache of broken limbs or dusty foliage and keep your Christmas tree looking like new for years to come. Read more tips on this topic here.

Tip 4: Proper Holiday Storage Labels

Make your life next year easy by properly labeling your supplies. Knowing which box has the ornaments and which box has the giant blow-up Santa can save time and space next year when you’re ready to decorate again!

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