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Holiday Shopping Tips: Home Organizing Gift Guide

The holiday shopping frenzy is ON! To us that means it’s time to help friends and family get organized with some handy storage and organization gifts. While the home organization ideas on our list may not seem as breathtaking as the latest smartphone, getting on top of things can create a sense of well-being, and we think that’s one of the best gifts you can give!

For our Ultimate Gift List, we enlisted help from a few of our favorite professional organizers, who shared organizer products that have made a difference in real-life situations, solving problems for clients.

Jessica Decker of Become Organized, Inc. likes to help clients divide and conquer, shifting things into organizational categories that make them easier to find. She loves closet-rod dividers for making sense of clothes.

“Just like when you shop at a store and different sizes are noted by dividers, these little circles let you know that you’ve come to a different section of your closet. They give an easy visual to let you know where one section ends and another begins, cutting down on time spent searching for what to wear.”

Jessica also recommends drawer dividers as a simple yet powerful organizational tool that a lot of people still overlook.

“They can be used in a dresser drawer to keep socks separate from underwear, or can be used in the kitchen to separate utensils.”

drawer dividers help organize clothes storage 

Janene Ferrara of Dalehead Designs loves hanging bags designed for organizing jewelry.

"I had a client who had a bulky standing jewelry box that looked terrible in the room and provided no organization.  It was filled with a jumble of cardboard jewelry boxes, mismatched earrings and tangles of necklaces. 

By converting her over to the hanging bag, she was able to house all of her jewelry neatly in her closet. (It takes so little space!) She would simply pull it out when she was getting dressed and be able to see all of her jewelry options at once.”

Liz Taylor of Taylor Organizing Inc. is keen on using familiar products in new ways. “I like to get my clients organized with sweater organizers for their closets. These are inexpensive and can be used for more than just clothes. I use them for toys or pair them with plastic containers for jewelry and purses. They are very versatile.”

hanging closet organizer on clothing rack next to robe 

Debbie Lillard of Space to Spare likes file totes, to make files portable. They allow you to grab-and-go to business meetings.

“I gave one to a client who has a lot of paperwork and was always running to accountant offices with her papers in a bag. She wanted to look more together and professional, so I gave her one with her initials monogrammed on it. It holds regular hanging files, so you can take them with you and then return to your file drawer later.”

Debbie also recommends footlockers aka steamer trunks. “They make great gifts for teens and college students. They hold a multitude of stuff (especially memories) and can be used as an extra seat or a coffee table.

Robin Stankowski of RLN Organizing, like most pro organizers, is a big fan of label makers. With one client, she found it came in handy for organizing medicine, from cough drops to Pepto. “Labeling your medications in a storage bin saves you time in searching for them.  Also, it eliminates duplicate purchases.”

woman using label marker to organize storage bins at home 

Annie Irvin of The Occasional Wife may be a little biased when she suggests a gift certificate for a professional organizer, but she stresses how it’s good to have a plan before bringing in organizing products.

“Buying bins and baskets before you're ready to get organized can actually end up adding to the clutter!  Having a third-party come in to help you navigate the challenges of getting organized is so helpful. Each person's space is so different, so it's amazing to have someone present a customized solution.”

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