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Public Storage Opens Humble Storage Units near Houston

Houston may be known as the “Space City,” but sometimes space can be hard to find at home, even here. To help families around this Texas town, Public Storage is rolling up more orange doors in the fast-growing suburb of Humble as more folks move to Houston.

Our latest Public Storage at 8717 North Sam Houston Pkwy E, Humble, TX 77396 just opened (as you can see from the equipment in the photo above, we worked until the last moments to make the facility perfect!) to offer Humble storage units near Fall Creek.

And it’s no wonder why Houstonians are heading to Humble. The town where the “H” is silent is a quiet oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet close enough to easily commute into Downtown Houston or the Energy Corridor. It’s even near NASA and Neil Armstrong’s Johnson Space Center, as in “Houston…the Eagle has landed.”

Still, the location and neighborhood can feel more tranquil than urban.

“When you go head down Wilson Road (from the facility), you feel like you’re in the country when you’re not far from the city,” said Roger Clark, the senior Public Storage manager who will help oversee the property. “It’s a pretty place to be.”

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Public Storage constructed a clean and modern facility to match the community’s style. It has 1,183 cheap storage units near Houston that come in both small and large sizes to help a wide variety of customers. The climate-controlled storage building has three drive-up units, and its gleam can be seen at least a mile away by the tens of thousands of drivers that commute on Beltway 8 every day.

“A lot of the storage facilities near Humble are older, far away and don’t have climate control,” said Dan Matula, a Public Storage vice president of real estate development. “We wanted to build a facility that would look great and provide modern features for people close to their homes.”

More Homes Available in Houston Suburbs

Thanks to the construction of Grand Parkway, a 180-mile outer beltway that connects Houston’s farther suburbs, homes are being built in areas that were formerly not accessible via a quick commute.

“It is the new, fourth freeway ring around the city,” said Clark. “Before you’d have to go into the city and go back out, if you needed to get from the northeast side to the northwest side and alike suburbs. Now they’re all connected.”

These newly-constructed homes would cost more than double in other major cities across the country. A Humble home is likely going to cost about $86 per square foot, according to the real estate site Zillow. While La Grange, a Chicago suburb with a comparable population and driving distance from the metro area, runs $276 per square foot.

“These are very nice, high-end homes for inexpensive prices,” said Clark. “Houston is the fourth largest city in the U.S., however the cost of living is what you would expect from a small town.”

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Humble’s population is one of the fastest growing of the Houston suburbs, as its population has grown more than three percent since 2010, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The town’s newly-built amenities like grocery stores, gas stations and office spaces (like the ones in Generation Park), also make the town desirable. Although the popular Deerbrook Mall may be a couple decades old, the selection of stores keeps up with current fashion trends.

“There’s a lot of premium properties that have been built in the last eight years,” said Clark.

When Public Storage began planning for the storage units near the Park Lakes community, it made sure the facility matched the neighborhood’s aesthetic appeal.

“We haven’t done new development here in 10 or 15 years, so there’s been a lot of new growth that we plan to catch up with,” said Matula.

Affordable Humble Storage for the Growing Community

The new, 140,000 square foot Humble Public Storage matches the high-end quality and service locals have come to expect. And there’s no other storage facility in Humble as beautiful as this new Public Storage near Wilson Road.

“It’s the best looking storage facility in the area,” said Thelma Mitchell, a Public Storage district manager in North Houston. “It’s gorgeous, and you can see it from a few miles down the road. It really fits in to the town’s newness and appeal.”

The affordable units start as small as 5-feet-by-5-feet, the perfect size for storing fishing poles between catches on Lake Houston. And they get as big as 10-feet-by-30-feet, a great size for locals looking to store their furniture during home renovations.

The facility is conveniently located just five miles away from George Bush Intercontinental Airport for frequent flyers who need to store items between business trips or locals who want to save on rent while adventuring abroad.

Most Texans will tell visitors the weather in Texas can be erratic. But the air inside these affordable storage units near Houston is more predictable thanks to energy-friendly climate control systems. Compared to conventional systems, these VRV machines more efficiently cool or heat the air around storage units to keep all of life’s loved possessions comfortable.

It’s easy to tell this new Public Storage facility in Humble will tower over the competition with the abundance of amenities here. And not just because it’s twice the size of most of the others!

“We’ve got a solid team with years of experience managing this property, and we’re excited to be here,” Mitchell said.

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