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Funny Christmas Videos and More on YouTube!

’Tis the season to spend time with family and laugh together at funny Christmas videos and holiday tributes on the Public Storage YouTube channel! They’re sure to bring on a couple giggles, a few smiles and probably some happy tears.

The holiday spirit burned bright this month when a handful of Public Storage employees, customers and fans competed for $250 by submitting holiday-themed home videos. Together they decked the halls and shared their favorite holiday traditions, with videos featuring National Parks Week and a romance story celebrated over Christmas lights.

Of those, three Public Storage fans and two groups of employees from across the country were selected as finalists. Their videos were posted to the Public Storage YouTube channel and winners were picked based on the number of views, aka “votes.”

A week and thousands of views later, the Public Storage team in Annapolis, Md. became the employee contest winner with more than 670 plays! Thiago, an adventurous dad celebrating National Parks Week took home the $250 prize in the fan category after receiving more than 1,470 views!

Read on to learn what inspired the entrants to create their videos. And don’t forget to watch them all!


Holiday Cheer at Public Storage Annapolis, Md.

Buying a surplus of holiday décor tends to become a storage problem for many Christmas lovers, and the crew at Public Storage in Annapolis, Md. knows exactly where you can keep it after the festivities!

Ami and Laurie both starting working for Public Storage in the area a few months ago, and both said they became quick friends. When they saw the company was hosting a video contest, they bought a couple Santa hats and drew up a script.

The friends got into the holiday spirit of sharing in their video by pointing out the great amenities Public Storage offers nationwide – from well-lit facilities to discounts on boxes. You’d never guess one of them is a self-proclaimed Grinch!

“I’m a ‘bah humbug,’ but Laurie is great,” said Ami, who stands on the left in the video. “She’s a good friend of mine and gets me in the spirit and mood of things.”

“Ami’s like most Scrooges…I think she secretly loves Christmas,” Laurie laughed.

The pair took the top prize in the employee category with more than 670 views by the time voting ended.

“It’s something fun I got to do with her, and that’s great,” said Ami.

The pair plan to go see country singer Alan Jackson with their winnings!


Public Storage in Tacoma, Wash. Team Sings for Storage!

We all know the tune “Jingle Bells,” but perhaps not the version created by the team at Public Storage near Tacoma, Wash. In their video, they transformed the holiday tune into the tale of a storage unit rental for the contest!

“Bells on bobtails ring, making spirits bright. What fun it is to rent and lease a storage unit tonight,” the team sung.

And what fun it was to make the video, said Public Storage Manager Erica.

“It was fun to come together and be a part of it,” she said. “Everyone had some input.”

Not only was the video a chance for the team to let loose, it was also a great team-building experience, said Public Storage District Manager Devin.

“I’m very thankful for the team that I have,” he said. “It’s a blessing to come to work engaged every day.”

Their video was a holiday hit with more than 650 views!

“Anytime you can look back and have a giggle, it’s worth it,” said Bench District Manager Adam. “It was a really fun experience.”


Adventurous Texas Family Celebrates National Parks Week

While the other Public Storage Holiday Stories submissions were inspired by winter-themed traditions, one family took their snow saucer and headed to the sand in their video!

Thiago, a Brazilian-turned-Texan dad tries to travel with his three kids at least once a month, so he said he wanted to celebrate his love for the outdoors in his video submission.

“I want (my kids) to enjoy the outdoors instead of electronics,” he said.

Thiago’s holiday homage to National Parks Week was filmed at White Sands National Monument, a place near and dear to his heart, as his family loves to camp in New Mexico.

“I want to inspire families to get out in the outdoors during National Parks Week, when admission is free,” he said.

YouTubers loved his video and watched it more than 1,470 times! Thiago took home the $250, which may come in handy for the sailing trip he’s planning for his family.


Funny Christmas Video Tribute to Holiday Music

There are some people in this world that listen to Christmas music all year long, and Elise from Texas is one of those people. A musician by trade, she took to her keyboard to sing about her love for holiday tunes. And there must be plenty of people like her, because her video received more than 600 views!

“It’s my favorite holiday, because my family is big on Christmas traditions,” she said. “From the time I was young, I was so excited for that time of year.”

After finding out about the Holiday Stories YouTube contest, Elise said she found her video inspiration when she spotted a festive reindeer onesie at a department store.

“It took five hours to make and record the track,” she said.

But her dance moves are second nature, she said.

“I just wiggle,” she laughed.

She’s planning on celebrating Christmas not once this year, but three times since she has family across the country to visit. While her entertaining video didn’t win her the gold, she now has a fun video to share at all of her celebrations!


Wife Remembers Romantic Christmas as a Newlywed

The last, but certainly not least, video in the fan favorite category was submitted by Lauren in Tennessee. She shared the heartfelt story of her favorite Christmas: The first one she spent with her husband, which got more than 520 views by the time voting ended.

“It’s the first official Christmas that you’re your own family and you can start your own traditions,” she explains in her video. “And also it’s fun; it’s special and it’s never going to happen again.”

That Christmas was even more special, because Lauren gave her husband the gift he always wanted as a kid: A Star Trek USS Enterprise phone.

“Every Christmas is awesome when you’re a kid, but this is the most memorable,” she said. “It was something about making my husband cry. He’s a big, intimidating bearded guy, so to see him break down over a Star Trek phone was pretty awesome. No Christmas morning memory beats that.”

She surprised her husband yet again this year after showing him her video submission!

“I didn’t want to tell him I was doing it. He was downstairs doing something in his workshop when I filmed it,” she said. “He was touched. He likes that story. He hasn’t been able to top the phone yet. Maybe this year.”

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