public storage employees celebrate international womens day

Celebrating International Women's Day

At Public Storage, we’re grateful to the amazing women on our team whose contributions in the field and behind the scenes help us better serve our customers.

Ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8—a global day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women—we asked some of our team members what the day means to them, how it inspires or empowers them.

We also asked them to share their biggest achievements. Their responses are below:

“What has inspired me and empowered me throughout the years are the sacrifices made by the women in my family before me. Growing up in a Hispanic household, I was always inspired by the work ethic of those that came before me and the sacrifices they made to ensure those of us that came after them would have a better life.”

Melinda Valinski

Content Application Manager

Customer Care Center


“I am most proud of the impact I have had on people’s lives, as their leader and mentor. Leadership is a privilege which has afforded me the opportunity to shape the professional and personal lives of all the people who have ever worked on my team. I am successful when they are successful and nothing makes me prouder.”

Jennifer Welch

Loss Prevention Field Director


“International Women’s Day means progress to me. As a woman, I can reflect on many phenomenal women who paved the way. I think of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Shirley Chisholm, a previous Public Storage employee named Mrs. Deborah Wright, and my mom, Hazel Hailey.”

Bonnie Welton

Sales Manager

Customer Care Center

portrait of public storage employee heather

“International Women’s Day means taking a moment to appreciate those before me who have fought for equality and for women to be given the same opportunities as men. I am proud to have a leadership role here and to have a team that respects my experiences. I am inspired by my mother, who was a teacher and then worked her way into becoming a principal of her school. She went to school to get her master’s degree after having two kids and working full-time. I am also inspired daily by my peers who continue to step into challenging roles and lead Public Storage teams to excellence. I am most proud of my title of District Manager after working for 15+ years in retail and never being given the opportunity to oversee a multi-unit operation with my previous employers.”

Heather Miyamoto

District Manager

Field Management

portrait of public storage employee emily at dusk

“International Women’s Day means I have another opportunity to show my daughters how to celebrate women and work toward gender equality. Whether referring to the boardroom or the playground, both environments must be an equitable and supportive place for females to thrive, grow and be recognized for all of their talents.”

Emily Geller

Operations & Sales Support Manager

Retail Operations

public storage employee debbie

“Working my way out of poverty would have to be one of my biggest achievements. Even when I started at Public Storage in 1999 I was struggling as a single mother and now I am a manager and own a home.”

Debbie Wren

Retail Operations Manager

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