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Organizing with Budget Storage Containers Makes Cents

Getting organized can be a daunting task, but if one of the things holding you back is the cost of all those bins, buckets and boxes you’ll need for storage, fear no more. After hearing about the wealth of organization solutions available at discount stores where items are typically just a dollar, we decided to learn more. We always love to get it done for less, this time with budget organization tips using cheap plastic containers!

Jessica Hill, a savvy blogger with Mad in Crafts, shared tips on how to put all those colorful $1 bins to work.Jessica says her favorite thing about shopping at these discount stores is, “I can buy multiples of the same product without spending a fortune.  A closet looks much tidier if all the storage bins inside coordinate.”

She suggests with any organization project to start by sorting out what you plan to keep and purging the rest. “You don't want to waste money buying more bins than you really need.”

Her favorite dollar store finds include, “small colorful bins that are perfect for storing small items in my craft room.  I am also a big fan of zippered mesh bags.  They are great for keeping items organized inside of suitcases when you travel!”

If you’re worried about how those one-dollar products compare to similar, more expensive items, Jessica attests, “I have had several bins from Dollar Tree that have lasted for years.” She says there is only one drawback to shopping there. “The inventory isn't constant.  There is no guarantee the store will be carrying the items you need on any given day.”

Jessica offered suggestions for ways to use dollar store bins in every room in the house.

Kid’s Rooms — I have dollar store bins in their closets, zipper bags keeping their puzzles organized, and containers corralling their art supplies.

Kitchen — I have seen some beautifully organized pantries where homeowners have decanted pastas, cereals, and other dry goods into clear containers so they are easily visible. Dollar stores sell inexpensive jars and containers that are perfect for this!

Bathroom — Ice cube trays are great for corralling jewelry, especially small earrings.

Home office — The dollar store often sells white boards, small cork boards, and clipboards. Line up one of each on an office wall to make a cheap home command station.

Closet — Bins, bins, bins! They are especially great for storing off-season clothes.

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For more ideas, see Jessica’s blog with infographics on how to get organized in every room with one trip to the discount store.

Do you use dollar-store products? Tell us how you use them and what you like about them in the comments below.

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