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Declutter Virtually With a Long Distance Pro Organizer

Professional organizer Jaclyn Gross just wrapped up another successful project, this time helping a busy mom in Kansas declutter. The client had been stressed out because she could never find what she needed in her home office. After just a couple of phone calls with Jaclyn, who by the way is located more than 1,000 miles away in New York City, the Midwesterner was able to transform her office, and by extension, her life. Papers had a filing system, frequently used items were neatly organized, and everything not regularly used was stored away and out of sight.

“Her life completely changed. She went from feeling stressed out to hopeful, accomplished and proud of herself,” says Jacklyn, who has appeared on CNN and the TV show “Hoarders”. “Her once-messy office became a space where she felt relaxed and could be productive and happy.”

Jaclyn explains that culling and organizing actually saves precious time in the long run; information is easier to find and every task thereafter can be completed much faster. As you may have already gathered, however, Jaclyn is different from other professional organizers. Through her business, Tip Top Organizing LLC, she offers virtual services, coaching people around the country via phone and email. In this way, she has helped countless clients, like her woman in Kansas, organize their homes long distance. While it may seem like a professional organizer needs to enter a space and get her hands dirty helping clients sort and purge, Jaclyn says it doesn’t have to work that way, “My clients can just snap a few pictures of the area they want to work on and email them to me. I’ve been in the organizing field for a long time, so I can just tell them what to do with simple instructions. I review the photos, we have a phone call to go over the plan, then I give the client homework assignments. It’s very simple.” 

Jaclyn’s “Jumpstart Sessions” include 2 phone calls and unlimited email support. Clients share their goals and send photos at the start, then again after they complete the homework assignments. “The email support helps if there is anything that comes up that hinders their efforts. My clients get my guidance through the entire process.”

She also guides them through what products to buy to help with storage and organizing. “We decide on what look to go for, and I send them links for recommended products. They have to do the measurements before purchasing anything.”

She says most of her clients are busy women that have become overwhelmed with their home and all the clutter and just need a plan. “They can do it by themselves, they just don’t know where to start or what to do.” For other clients, going virtual is a good fit because they may be nervous to have someone in their home, arranging their belongings, or they have a spouse who is not willing to have someone come over. Another added bonus? Virtual organizing can be less expensive.

The one quality they have to have is to be ready to do it. “This is for self-motivated people that are ready to take action and willing to do the assignments. Otherwise there will be no progress and no point in working with me.”

She’s says she’s never had a client procrastinate or just disappear on her. “By the time they hire me, they’re ready and they stick with it.”

Her most common requests are for help with home offices and paper organizing, kids’ rooms and closets. These are areas she finds paralyze her clients. “They’ll start on it, get stuck then never finish it and move on to something else so nothing ever gets done, just a bunch of projects halfway finished.”

That’s where Jaclyn really helps, by getting them through to the end. And she gets satisfaction from it too. “I love being able to transform the lives of others and take them from feeling overwhelmed and stressed to loving their space and feeling in control of their belongings!”

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