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A Moving Company that Gives Clients Star Service

Most people hate moving, and for good reason. Hauling all of your worldly possessions from one location to another sounds simple enough, until you have to do it. 

If you never want to suffer through another back-breaking transition of self moving, bribing your friends with pizza, or hiring shady moving services to hopefully not break, lose or steal your belongings, there is another way.

Imagine instead a moving concierge that can arrange a spa day or a family outing to Disneyland while its fleet of movers shows up to gently wrap your vases, box your kitchenware and crates your artwork, keeping an inventory and notes on where you want it all to go.

When you do choose to finally show up in your new home, everything is in its place. Your Mark Rothko painting has been hung, your TV and home electronics hooked up.

That’s the full service moving help of Greystone Relocation Concierge.

“Think of us as a wedding planner for moving,” says David Hauslaib, Greystone’s chief concierge officer.

The company’s first client was actress Amy Adams, who raves about the experience in an endorsement on their website. Other VIP clients have included actor Ryan Phillippe, J.J. Redick of the Clippers, CEO’s and entertainment execs.

 But Greystone doesn’t just cater to the uber famous. Anyone can hire Greystone. However, David stresses they should be realistic as to what moving rates are for that level of service.

“Greystone is not a budget service. Anyone who thinks they found a cheap mover will get the level of service they are paying for,” said David who added that pricing is based on what each specific job involves to provide an exceptional experience. “Our team is properly trained, takes the necessary time without rushing, carries the proper insurance and takes away the stress of moving.”

The planning process with Greystone takes place weeks in advance of the actual move.

“We meet for a walkthrough and photograph the client’s home for a record of how it’s laid out. We visit the new home to understand the space and how the client wants everything – down to which kitchen drawer receives the forks and knives,” David said.

Organization is key for Greystone. They break each project into phases so it isn’t overwhelming. There’s the packing phase, the moving phase and the unpacking/home setup phase.

“I always hate seeing a moving truck outside a home at 11 o’clock at night. That must be miserable!” David said. “Relocating can be super simple and stress free if it’s scheduled properly.”

Once the project is organized and scheduled, David says clients can trust in Greystone to take care of everything. Most simply hand over their keys and leave, then just show up at the new home, where everything is set up the way they wanted.

movers from Greystone moving service wrap fragile items

Got a priceless Picasso or temperature-sensitive wine collection? Greystone can handle it. Workers will even build custom moving containers with foam inserts to handle especially delicate pieces.

David says they’ve also helped clients with all kinds of other relocation challenges, including bringing in a professional organizer to help pare down belongings, finding an aux pair for children and landscapers for a new home. They never say no to a client request and they offer their services nationwide.

Greystone takes pride in the work they do and their team, repeatedly using the word “handsome” to describe their team on their website.

When asked, tongue-in-cheek, if every worker has to be good looking, David clarifies, “Greystones’s clean-cut staff puts clients at ease. Rather than having a group of shady characters rummaging through your home. Our team is trained and certified in helping clients eliminate the stress that comes with changing home.”

All Greystone employees are bound by non-disclosure agreements and privacy is of the utmost importance.

David did offer a tip for anyone getting ready for a move - plan well ahead of time! “Make the phone call when you’re thinking about listing your house for sale.

Time is the most important element of this whole process.

Avoid moving out on the last day you’re in your old home or the first day you have ownership of your new home. (What if the realtor doesn’t turn the keys over until the evening?)”

Creating a buffer will make things less stressful.

Learn more about Greystone Relocation Concierge on the company's website.

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