Car Storage Up to 20' FAQ

Public Storage has been helping car owners store their vehicles since 1972. With options ranging from traditional parking spaces to covered parking and fully enclosed 20-foot vehicle storage units, we can help you find the right solution for your classic roadster or daily driver.

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Friendly Reminder: As with all our spaces, sizes are approximate-please check your Rental Agreement for what can be stored.

Car Storage Sizes & Options

What car storage options does Public Storage have?

Public Storage offers a range of vehicle storage options. Our 20-foot vehicle storage units provide more than enough space for most standard cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs.

Public Storage car storage options include:

  • Separate, enclosed first-floor vehicle storage units
  • Uncovered, open-air parking spaces in fenced lots
  • Covered spaces with canopies to block the sun

It’s important to remember that fluctuating market conditions and the unique characteristics of your local Public Storage facility can impact what car storage options are available. We recommend either checking storage unit availability online or calling your local Public Storage facility and speaking with your on-site property manager for exact details.

How big of a storage unit do I need for a car?

Usually, our 20-foot vehicle storage units are suitable for standard-size cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles. For large vehicles, RVs and sizable trailers, some facilities also may offer vehicle storage units up to 50 feet long.

While car models over the years change in size, usually compact cars and four-door sedans range from 12 feet in depth to around 15 feet. Larger sedans, SUVs, small trucks and crossovers can range from 15 feet to over 19 feet. And large trucks with large bed sizes can sometimes measure over 22 feet.

Before reserving a vehicle storage unit, always measure your car first. Don’t forget to include any added dimensions resulting from side mirrors or vehicle accessories.

Do you offer short-term, winter car storage?

Yes! All our vehicle rental agreements are month-to-month. As a renter, you get to decide how long you want to stay, and you can move out at any time.

If you need somewhere to keep your vehicle during the winter months, our 20-foot vehicle storage units are a great short-term solution. Depending on the winter weather in your city, you may want to consider a fully enclosed, indoor car storage unit or a covered car storage space.

What amenities do you provide for collector or luxury car storage?

When you need a long-term vehicle storage solution for the classic car you drive with pride, consider our first-floor, enclosed spaces. Depending on your location, these 20-foot vehicle storage units can shield your vehicle from sun, wind, rain and snow. Alternatively, many of our locations also offer covered parking spaces underneath a canopy.

Public Storage vehicle storage areas feature computer-controlled gates. If your vehicle needs to be accessed by loved ones, friends or employees, you can add them as authorized gate users. Our facilities are completely fenced and well-lit, prioritizing convenience and accessibility.

Car Storage Preparation & Parking

How can I prepare to keep my car in long-term storage?

Before storing your car, we suggest cleaning and washing it. Apply a fresh coat of wax to keep your finish sparkling and well-protected. Vacuum your vehicle’s interior, getting rid of any and all crumbs to prevent any pests.

If you decide to rent one of our uncovered spots, consider investing in a car cover. Car covers can add extra finish protection from sun and weather damage. We recommend disconnecting your car’s battery too. This ensures nothing in the car drains the battery during your storage term. When you’re storing your car for the long haul, consider putting it on jack stands to unload the tires. This can prevent flat spots that make tires unsafe for driving.

Top off all your fluids before a long term-storage stay. This includes filling the gas tank, changing the oil and replenishing engine coolant. It’s also important to leave your parking brake off. This might seem strange, but if the parking brake is on, your brake pads can fuse with your car’s rotors. Because of this, we recommend blocks or tire stoppers to prevent any vehicle movement. Finally, make sure to continue managing your vehicle’s insurance policy while it’s stored in one of our car storage spaces.

For more prep tips, download our Car Storage Tip Sheet.

Do you allow renters to work on their car in the storage unit?

Unfortunately, no. While we welcome gearheads, mechanics and all types of tinkerers, working on cars in our units creates potential issues with oil and fluid disposal. We also strive to maintain an environment welcoming to all our customers. Noise, smoke and smells associated with car maintenance can impact fellow renters.

If you need to work on your car, do so before bringing it to your storage facility.

Do I still need car insurance if my vehicle’s in long-term storage?

Yes, your car must be registered and insured in order to be stored with us.

Does my car need to be in working condition to stay in vehicle storage?

Yes. In order to store your vehicle, it needs to be running. Your car must be in working condition or kept on a trailer.

Car Storage Prices

What are your monthly vehicle storage rates?

The monthly rates for vehicle storage units vary by location, availability, unit size and selected features. In fact, some states tax vehicle storage at different rates. You can rest assured that our vehicle storage prices are competitive. For the best price possible, we suggest searching for car storage online.

We offer a range of payment methods to help make the payment process painless. When you sign up for AutoPay, we’ll handle your monthly payment on the first of each month so you don’t have to worry about late payments and fees.

How can I find cheap car storage near me?

With thousands of locations nationwide, chances are there’s a convenient, cheap car storage option near you. You can find vehicle storage units of all sizes with our online system and complete the entire rental process from your phone, tablet or computer. We keep up-to-date records of vehicle unit availability and price information so you can find the right car storage unit closest to you.

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