Public Storage Advantage®

Why Public Storage Advantage®?

Cash-in on unbeatable terms in the industry!

Take Advantage of the Best Terms in the Industry... Period!

Public Storage® is and has been the largest self-storage provider in the country since its founding in 1972. Our size allows us buying power and economies of scale, and we’re committed to passing on this Advantage to you:
  • 4% Management Fee - The Lowest in the Industry
  • Low setup costs compared to the competition
  • Generous insurance compensation paid to owners
  • All our locations are open on Sundays - Generate Additional Revenue

Experience Seamless Integration and Support

  • We integrate an average of 50-60 properties a year and have it down to a fine science.
  • Our support team ensures a seamless assimilation of your locations into the Public Storage® platform across all departments such as Marketing, IT, Finance, Pricing, just to name a few.
  • Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure all aspects of your business have been merged into the Public Storage® system and are here to support you through the entire transition.

Elite and Experienced Leadership

  • Take Advantage of an elite executive team that focuses on implementing successful strategies to grow your business and deliver superior financial results.
  • Our world-class Operations team is the best in the industry!
  • Your property will have a designated District Manager who has been trained to succeed and can answer questions you may have during the transition.
  • We have one of the best District Manager to Property ratio in the industry; this allows our District Managers to visit properties more frequently and focus on each property’s performance and growth.
  • With your locations under the Public Storage® umbrella, your business will operate like all other wholly owned Public Storage® properties.
  • We firmly believe that your success is our success! Our goal is to help you achieve unsurpassed results … that’s the Public Storage Advantage® credo.

World Class Marketing and Revenue Management

  • Take Advantage of the industry’s best Marketing and Revenue Management team.
  • Public Storage® is as large as its next two biggest competitors combined! Leverage our size and scale and take Advantage of the economies of scale! Use our bargaining power and experience unmatched levels of exponential customer acquisition, capitalizing on our sophisticated website and our two state-of-the art Call Centers.
  • Our unparalleled marketing campaigns give us unrivaled visibility along with low acquisition costs.
  • Public Storage® is one of the top search terms in self-storage. No other third party management Company can compete with that!
  • Our refined pricing model is designed to capture your property’s full potential, generating more revenue per square foot than other third party management companies.
  • Innovative marketing and cutting-edge pricing model—that’s the Public Storage Advantage®!
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Your success is our success!

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