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Why choose Public Storage® to operate your properties?

Public Storage® has been the largest and most recognized brand in the industry for over 46 years. We have over 5000 employees and own and manage over 2,400 locations (and growing) in 38 states.

Our portfolio continues to grow through properties that we build, acquire and manage through Public Storage Advantage® we’re well-versed with integrating existing locations into our platform. We have a world-class Operations team that will start working for you immediately during the transition.

Additionally, your properties will have the Advantage of having access to the very best Facilities Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Pricing, and Financial Reporting teams, just to name a few!

What about tenant insurance premiums?

This is one of the many ways Public Storage Advantage® has an edge over other third party management companies. We are committed to providing our owners generous compensation from insurance … insurance compensation is based on occupancy not premiums collected - that is unheard of in the business; and a significant win for you, the owners!

Are there any downsides to utilizing a 3rd Party Management Company?

No downsides unless you don’t like making profits! When you partner with Public Storage Advantage®, you are leveraging the success and strength of the largest and most respected company in the industry. Public Storage® has a proven record of results year after year since 1972. Your business will achieve superior performance and revenue growth under our management.

Once you partner with us, you can leave the operations to our team of experts! They are trained to succeed and work tirelessly to achieve the success you’re looking for. In addition to receiving financials on a monthly basis, you will have access to your own online portal showing your property’s daily performance.

Will my property be treated the same as a wholly owned Public Storage® property?

Rest assured that once your property has been integrated into the Public Storage® portfolio, it will have the same Advantage as every other Public Storage® property!

How long will it take to transition my property into the Public Storage® Platform?

While the transition process for each property is different, it generally takes approximately 2 months for an existing location to be completely integrated into the Public Storage® system.

What are the costs associated with Public Storage’s Third Party Management program?

Public Storage Advantage® third party management fees are only 4%, the lowest in the industry! We also offer generous compensation from insurance to owners.

Will my existing staff be given an opportunity to apply with Public Storage®?

Yes, existing team members will be allowed to apply for a position at Public Storage®.

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