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Easy DIY Ornament Wreath For Wine Lovers

Looking to spruce up your tree this holiday season? Well, if you’re a wine lover with a knack for storing corks, this DIY ornament wreath is an easy craft project to give to friends, family, or keep for yourself (we won’t blame you!)

Grab your trusty craft supplies and you’ll have a chic, classy ornament in less than a half hour! As always, practice makes perfect, so if you need to open a couple of bottles of wine in order to make a couple ornaments…well, we completely understand.


Step 1: Make Sure You Have the Supplies

You’ll need between 12 and 14 wine corks for the project, as well as ribbon, a glue gun and a can.

To make sure the hot glue doesn’t stick to the can during the craft – we’ll explain this later – take the paper label off. The width of the can will determine how large your ornament is, which is entirely up to you, but we used a soup can for this example.

You also want to choose ribbon or lace that is sturdy, since it will be used to hang the ornament wreath onto the tree.


Step 2: Cut and Glue Your Ribbon to the First Cork

Cut the ribbon you want to use to hang the ornament at least 6-inches long.

We chose a white lace, but green, red, blue or any color ribbon will work! Just make sure it’s durable before you spread a 1-inch line of glue down the middle.

Quickly wrap the glued portion of ribbon around the middle of a cork and hold it firmly during the drying process to make sure it sticks.


Step 3: Start Gluing the Remaining Corks Together Around a Can

In order to achieve a wreath shape at the end, you want to make sure the ornament becomes a circle.

To do this, use a can – don’t forget to take off the label – to act as a guide as you glue the corks together. Apply a generous line of hot glue to one side of a cork and press it against the other cork around the can (but don’t glue it to the can!)

Continue to add corks until you’ve completed the circle and apply two lines of glue to opposite sides of the last cork so it sticks to your first one with the ribbon attached.

Don’t forget to place the wine-dyed side of the corks in the same direction, so the ornament will end up with an array of wine shades on its face.


Step 4: Add an Extra Line of Glue between the Corks

To make sure your ornament lasts this holiday season, and the next, add another line of glue on the inside of the ornament between each cork.

Let your DIY ornament wreath dry and tie the two pieces of ribbon together at the top, leaving enough room for it to hang on a tree branch.


Step 5: Show Off Your DIY Ornament Wreath to All Your Guests

Once dry, you can put your beautiful homemade ornament on your tree or wrap it as a gift! Don’t forget to store your wine corks for crafts in the future. The DIY possibilities are endless!

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