Videos Make Storage and Moving Tips Fun (Really!)

Moving can stress out even the most organized among us. And boxing up stuff for storage can be tedious on a hot Saturday. But not to worry. Ten newly published Public Storage videos offer storage and moving tips you can use, such as the best way to store wine (if it survives the initial packing!) and how to move heavy furniture.

In the video series “this dude from Public Storage,” aka Frank the storage expert, gently guides two clueless-but-fun packers through some of life’s heavy-lifting transitions. This guy has your back while you pack, and his pals keep it entertaining.

Public Storage created the videos after working with customers for 44 years, partnering during some of life’s tougher transitions: a move, a downsize or even a happy wedding that ends with the high-stakes effort of merging households. What to do with all that vintage sports memorabilia, two couches and an old fish tank?

People often turn to storage during one of life’s major upheavals. And these videos can help, whether you need to tell Grandma how to move a piano or are trying to figure out how to store glassware and all that new wedding china that you plan to use…someday. Right?

You may be looking for a storage unit — and need tips on choosing the right size — or are just looking for better ways to haul your stuff from one home to the next.

These 10 videos will help see you through the tough times. (And perhaps there’s an extra bottle of wine left over at the end of the day for you.) We hope our knowledge and expertise will help you during your next switch in scenery.

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